ldf at v&a

Type Tasting with the London Design Festival 2013 at the V&A
An exhibition of creative typography from 14-19 September

These are the ‘Creative London’ words designed for the exhibition.
Features are being posted regularly which document the inspiration
or making process. Click on a word to find out more*

We’ve been posing the question “what’s your creative London?” If you would like to take
part please come along to the drop in Type Tasting workshops at the V&A between 10am-5pm
on 14 & 15 September. No prior booking needed just come along and join in.

24-7 by Eugenie Smit
Abstract by Anthony Peters
Advertised by Samantha Chow
Animals by Angharad
Artistic by Anne-Louise Quinton
Battle by Seoung Kyeong Lee
Beanfeast by Sam Roberts
Bitesize by Rachael Tremlett
Bonkers by Oli Frape
Botanical by Monica Brough
Buses + Tubes by Alan Kitching
Cass Art Workshop
CCTV by Miho Ashima
Celebration by Bárbara Ana Gómez
Change by Islington Community Theatre
Cheers by Qian Yuan
Chickenwing by Omari
Chromosome by Lucy Pughe
Cinematic by Iria Prado
Clean by Nick Watts
Clockwork by Deidre Curren
Coins by Barbara Gardner
Collective by Jenn Kemp
Colourful by Edie OP
Comical by Michael Huppatz
Connected by Becky & Sarah Chilcott
Constructed by Lissy Boness
Contradiction by Islington Community Theatre
Cooking by Faith
Cool by Stephanie Halpern
Couture by Stephen Boss
Creative by Ralph Steadman
Cretinous Relations by Ralph Steadman
Cultural by Jessica Jacob
Cycle by Angus Montgomery
Dalston by Mark Wilding
Dalston Eastern Curve Garden Workshop
Deconstructed by Gaynor Maher
Design by Martin Cahill
Digital by Hannah Pingriff
Disenchanted by Siro Carraro
Diverse by Mike Attenborough
Diverse by Tom Jarrett
Eclectic by Sarah Hyndman
Edible by Sarah Hyndman
Elusive by Rosina Digne-Malcolm
Emerging by Karen Byers
Energetic by James Clarke
Entwining by Barbara Gardner
Epicentre by Alice Stevens
Everybody by Lucy Parris
Everything by Natalie & Maya Homer
Everywhere by Dot Thompson
Exotic by Lizzie Hobbs
Expressive by Islington Community Theatre
Expressive by Ruth Rowland
Festival by Zoë Chan
Fish by Lydia Thornley
Freaky by Anna Anatsui
Freedom by Islington Community Theatre
Fun by Catherine & Bella Jacobs
Gems by Syd Hausmann
Global by Madhu Amodia
Graphic by Hector Pottie
Growing by Nicola Darwen
Happiness by Dayi Agiboye
Happy by James Hurst
Heart by Emily Gosling
Hectic by Claire Rye
Here by Eleni Lefa
Hipster by Abbey Pennyfather
Historic by Alisa Butler
Home by Caspian Ievers
Hope by Islington Community Theatre
Hungry by Nic Hinton
Hungry by Curve Garden workshop
Iconic by Laura Jackson
Inked by David Barclay
Islington Community Theatre Workshop
Illuminating by Helen Rawlinson
Imagined by Becky Chilcott
Individual by Hasmita Hirani
Intoxicating by Peter Strauli
Karate by Dulce
Kyverdale by Rude
Leafy by Sarah Morpeth
Love by Tatty Devine
Luminous by Sarah Hyndman
Magic by Julia Woollams
Magnetic by Toni Giddings
Manufactured by Qian Yuan
Metamorphosis by Caroline Isella
Mine by Sarah Hyndman
Multicoloured by JMG Studio
Multitudinal by Hedy Parry-Davies
Musical by Dulcie
Neverending by Double Dagger
#OMG by NB Studio
Ornithological by Claire Scully
Ours by Oli Frape
Panoramic by Alexandra Blum
Photographed by Deborah Clerkin
Pizza by Elle Giles
Popular by Sumin An
Prehistoric by Stefan Nawathe
Pressure by Islington Community Theatre
Printed by Unite & Type
Productive by Pat Randle
Rain by Berfin Kayu
Rebellious by Ralph Steadman
Relaxing by Sarah Hyndman
Remarkable by London Design Festival and V&A team
Remedy by Jihye Lee
Retro by Kate Clift
Saviour by Sickboy
Sexy by Mind Design
Shapeshift by Islington Community Theatre
Slushy by Rofi
Society by Sam Head
Spooky by Zoë Chan
Stories by Emli Bendixen
Sunny by Veniqua
Superhuman by London Design Festival and V&A team
Surprising by Ka McCarthy
Sweet by Julie Mauro
Swimming by Kitty
Symbolic by Sarah Hyndman
Team by Leon Held
Temporary by Anthony Peters
Transmitted by Julieta Hernandez
Typeset by James Webb
Undefinable by Elsa Marianelli
Underground by Maria Cox
Unexpected by Eyal & Myrthe
Unique by Evelin Kasikov
Used by Roger Dean
Utopia by London Design Festival and V&A team
Validation by Alice Wilson
Vast by Reade Signs
Vernacular by Anoopa John
Victory by Zakhar Shlimakov Russia
Vintage by Madeleine Jablonowska
Vital by Kieran O’Keeffe
Vying by Glenn Rickwood
Watching by Sarah Hyndman
Welcoming by Luisa Sieiro
Wild by Emily Bornoff
Winning by Hazel Gale

14-19 September 2013

Workshops (drop in workshops, no prior experience necessary)
14 & 15 September 2013

London Design Festival Hub
Design Studio, Sackler Centre
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

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