‘Never-ending’ by Double Dagger

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‘Never-ending’ by Double Dagger

Double Dagger is a newly forged lettering collective of Alice Mazzilli and Karis Benjamin. Rooted in the disciplines of calligraphy, street art & tattoo art they enjoy working on various surfaces from refined paper to walls. Literature, old books and timeless quotes are a crucial parts of the way they work with letterforms.

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Double Dagger’s work for Type Tasting is inspired by a project they are working on at the moment which is about the multitude of words Shakespeare introduced in the English language, one of them being never-ending. Living in London, they felt this was the perfect word to capture the way things evolve around them in this city ever-changing and never-ending. Double Dagger is highly influenced by the urban environment, making their work part of it is essential, that’s why as most DD projects, ‘Never-ending’ was translated into a mural.

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Never-Ending Alice Mazzilli

‘Never-ending’ by Double Dagger will be displayed at Type Tasting with the London Design Festival 2013 at the V&A.

Display: 14 – 19 September 2013
Drop in workshops: 10am – 5pm, 14 & 15 September 2013

London Design Festival Hub
Design Studio, Sackler Centre
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

ldf at v&a  v&a

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