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‘Colourful’ by Edie OP

colourful edie
‘Colourful’ by Edie OP

Edie OP is “an illustrator, creator of comics and truly awful things. She likes to draw in inks and crayon, occasionally paints and works with collage and mixed media to create macabre and sometimes slightly absurd illustrative narratives and comics.”

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‘Mine’ by Sarah Hyndman

IMG_6653 LR
‘Mine’ by Sarah Hyndman

“When thinking about creative London, one of the things that springs to mind is all the body art to be seen, in so many different styles and created by very (and occasionally not so) talented artists. This piece references tattoo influenced lettering and is drawn and painted by hand.”

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‘Never-ending’ by Double Dagger

process 1 lr

‘Never-ending’ by Double Dagger

Double Dagger is a newly forged lettering collective of Alice Mazzilli and Karis Benjamin. Rooted in the disciplines of calligraphy, street art & tattoo art they enjoy working on various surfaces from refined paper to walls. Literature, old books and timeless quotes are a crucial parts of the way they work with letterforms.

process 3 lr

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