Workshop at Cass Art Islington

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Workshop at Cass Art Islington

Type Tasting went to Cass Art Islington, a perfect place to hold a workshop. Participants got away from the computer to get their hands dirty experimenting with typography and exploring its expressive qualities. We explored the topic of ‘creative London’ through typography, mark making and materials. The words created will be a part of Type Tasting with the London Design Festival at the V&A.

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‘Battle’ by Seoung Kyeong Lee
Inspired by b boys dancing.

‘Chromosome’ by Lucy Pughe
The textures represent the fluidity of both biological material and creative possibility. The patterns are made mostly with fingerprints considering fingerprints like DNA, are unique. Additionally their evolution into square blocks attempts to pay reference to pixel typefaces created with grids, and the fact that chromosomes contain our own building blocks.
Lucy is in her final year studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Northampton and is preparing to “fling myself at the world, utilising what I’ve learnt from Art and Literature.”

‘Iconic’ by Laura Jackson
“The inspiration for ‘Iconic’ came from the idea of music being such a huge part of London’s history, and thinking of how many influential musicians and bands have originated from the city.

“Freelance illustrator/designer. Passionate about mods, rockers, and all things psychedelic. Definitely living in the wrong decade.”

‘Popular’ by Sumin An
Referencing the global influence London has had on the pop music industry. The type is inspired by ‘Zipper’ which is also the typeface used on David Bowie’s 1971 Hunky Dory album cover.

‘Remedy’ by Jihye Lee
Inspired by a discussion that creativity is not just art, it also applies to science and medical research. It is based on the typeface Architype Stedelijk by Wim Crouwel for The Foundry.

“My word inspiration from London. I feel very stressful Sometimes and the painkiller is not working while I am going to primrose hill in the evening. There are no people and I can face to face with real friend ‘London’ tranquilly as I forget all stresses. Therefore, “I can say ‘London’ as medical it is remedy absolutely. Also, London is remedy for other people as similar meaning.” Lee is studying graphic design at the London College of Communication.

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