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Workshop at Cass Art Islington

Remedy Jihye Lee 100Chromosome Lucy Pughe 100Popular Sumin An 100Iconic Laura Jackson 100Battle Seoung Kyeong Lee 100

Workshop at Cass Art Islington

Type Tasting went to Cass Art Islington, a perfect place to hold a workshop. Participants got away from the computer to get their hands dirty experimenting with typography and exploring its expressive qualities. We explored the topic of ‘creative London’ through typography, mark making and materials. The words created will be a part of Type Tasting with the London Design Festival at the V&A.

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‘#OMG’ by NB Studio for #LDF13

NB bracelet lr

‘#OMG’ by NB Studio for #LDF13

“When Type Tasting invited us to choose a word to answer ‘London=’ everyone in the studio had an opinion. After debating Type Tasting’s list of words, and what London meant to us, we eventually agreed on the very unlikely ‘#OMG’.

“To us ‘#OMG’ was one of the least descriptive words and not particularly inspiring … until we started to think about what it actually stood for. We realised it could be a celebration of London’s rich multiculturalism and a nod to the importance of social media.”

V&A_OMG_Charm bracelet_02

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‘Transmitted’ by Julieta Hernandez


‘Transmitted’ by Julieta Hernandez

“I picked transmission as it immediately made me think about the piece of the Atlantic Telegraph Line that is at the Faraday Museum, which represents in a way one of the things I love most about London and Britain in general, homeland to great scientists and inventions that have changed our world.”


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‘Comical’ by Michael Huppatz

comical michael huppatz sq

‘Comical’ by Michael Huppatz

Michael Huppatz is an artist based in Wollongong, an hour south of Sydney, Australia. When coming up with a concept for his word ‘Comical’, Michael worked through a few different ideas. His first thought of having the letters appear as some sort of tooth-filled, laughing Pac Man character as if envisioned by Robert Crumb was scrapped. His next idea was to have the crazy legs of the Ministry of Silly Walks forming the letters of the word, “but this ended up looking too… um, silly.”

comical process 1b lr

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‘Magic’ by Julia Woollams

magic Julia Woollams rev sq lr

‘Magic’ by Julia Woollams

Julia Woollams is a graphic designer and born-and-bred Londoner (well, if you class Croydon as London, as she does!) She studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins and after a bit of freelancing at the BBC she started working at johnson banks design in Clapham, and is still there over a decade later. Although specialising in branding nowadays, she still loves the chance to do some image-making, especially if it involves the best city on earth (she’s not biased at all…).

“London is magic to me, as it is full of so many magical things to do and see, that aren’t necessarily part of the conventional tourist trail. My ‘Magic’ Collage is made up of just some of the things that make me love London”

magic Julia Woollams rev A

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‘Sweet’ by Julie Mauro

Sweet by Julie Murau

‘Sweet’ by Julie Mauro

“I was with my dad when I baked my first chocolate cake. I was about 7 years old. I could do everything but cut the butter and whisk the white with the mixer as it was deemed too dangerous. I remember that I was having fun. I think this is how it started.”

julie process1 julie process2

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‘Vernacular’ by Anoopa John

Vernacular Anoopa John LR SQ

‘Vernacular’ by Anoopa John

“I chose the word ‘Vernacular’ to describe London as I felt that this city has many nuances that are its own. Although it is a city inhabited by people from different countries from around the world, you will always encounter something that is peculiarly London. It could be the architecture, the food, the Cockney slang or the alternative-culture of Camden.”

00 L_sketch lr02 L_finalversion lr

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‘Everywhere’ by Dot Thompson

everywhere detail

‘Everywhere’ by Dot Thompson

“I wanted to reflect the widespread, connecting, art and design network within London. I went about the piece by listing and marking many of the creative galleries, museums and studios across London on a map, before sewing lines of thread to connect them and using this as the framework for the letterforms, which were first hand cut out of card.”

everywhere angle 1