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‘Cycle’ by Angus Montgomery

Angus angle LR

‘Cycle’ by Angus Montgomery

“I cycle in London almost every day, it’s how I’ve learned to navigate the city and discover how it all connects together.

“For my Typetasting piece, I made the word ‘Cycle’ using bits of old bike paraphernalia. The ‘Cs’ are made from a bit of inner tube and cycling scarf, I cut into a bike map to make the ‘Y’, a modified reflector snap-band forms the ‘L’ and a partially opened multi-tool forms a rather clumsy ‘E’.”

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‘Eclectic’ by Sarah Hyndman

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dalston_april_169 dalston_april_187 dalston_april_155 dalston_april_152

‘Eclectic’ by Sarah Hyndman

Photos taken by Type Tasting organiser Sarah Hyndman on a Type Safari through Dalston.

Type Safaris have proved popular and reinforce the ‘typography is all around us’ message. You are taken on a tour of an area of London, for example Dalston, and show you how the history of the area is revealed through the signage, explaining the origins of the different typefaces and discussing why they are (or aren’t) appropriate for each sign.

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‘Hipster’ by Abbey Pennyfather

final type
‘Hipster’ by Abbey Pennyfather

“London is bursting at the seams with creative types and ‘trendy’ now seems to outnumber ‘normal’. I wanted to create a graphic representation of the infiltration of the hipster- bright clothes and cool composure.”

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‘Dalston’ by Mark Wilding

Dalston_Mark Wilding 300 halftone rect

‘Dalston’ by Mark Wilding

Having lived in the area for a number of years and witnessed the area change first hand Wilding created the Dalstonistist blog earlier in 2013. it fast gained a large readership and has become the go-to guide for everything Dalston, although he explains that “to be honest, mostly the fun stuff. Bars, clubs, gigs, restaurants and any other weird things that go on round here.”

“London is probably the best place in the world to live. But London, for me, is Dalston. A lot of the diversity and variety that makes London so great can be found mere moments away from my front door. My Type Tasting piece contains signage from Dalston institutions and some of the more recent additions to the area—reflecting the change that continues to take place. It’s also fairly rough and ready—just like Dalston itself.”

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#LDF13 Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

#LDF13 Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
Movie by Qian Yuan

We had a fun aftenoon in the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden workshop surrounded by lush plants and quiet tranquility in the heart of bustling Dalston. Thank you to everybody who came along and took part so enthusiastically and creatively and also to Kitty the Hackney Wow! reporter for her story yesterday.

The following words have been selected to be included in the Type Tasting display with the London Design Festival at the V&A:

slushy rofi
Slushy by Rofi

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‘Fun with words’ workshop at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

kitty 2

‘Fun with words’ workshop at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
By Hackney Wow Cub member Kitty Cox, 9 years old
Photographs by Qian Yuan

kitty 1

“I took part in a ‘Type Tasting’ workshop run by Sarah Hyndman at Dalston Eastern Curve
Garden. The project was fun and nice to do because you could do what ever font you wanted and Sarah helped you if you were stuck.”

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‘Beanfeast’ by Sam Roberts

process 06

‘Beanfeast’ by Sam Roberts

Roberts’ work photographing and researching the fading remains of advertising painted on walls (a.k.a. ghostsigns) often leads to interesting questions, such as ‘what is a beanfeast?’. The full text of this Highgate sign is ‘Catering for beanfeasts, parties & clubs’. Roberts goes on to explain that “However, beans in this case aren’t the baked variety, but the accounting type. A beanfeast is a party thrown by an employer if the end-of-year ‘bean counting’ has revealed a positive set of accounts. The modern equivalent would be the Christmas party and the deployment of ‘beans’ to pay for it.”

‘Ours’ by Oli Frape

oursphoto1 oursfinalWEB

‘Ours’ by Oli Frape

Oli Frape is a hand-letterer and illustrator based in London. Hand-drawn type is the primary focus of his practice and is integral to his overall style and approach. His piece for Type Tasting is a combination of hand-drawn and painted.

NEWSFLASH: Frape will be documenting the Type Tasting workshop day live in hand-drawn lettering at the V&A on Saturday 14th September.

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‘Cheers’ by Qian Yuan

qian 3d 2cheers 2

‘Cheers’ by Qian Yuan

Big thank you to Qian Yuan who’s been helping out in the Type Tasting studio this week. She’s been very patient, creative, and has taken all the strange requests thrown at her in her stride.

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‘Connected’ by Becky Chilcott and Sarah Chilcott

process 2‘Connected’ by Becky Chilcott and Sarah Chilcott

“Growing up with a Mum who is constantly knitting, I developed an aversion to having a go myself early on. When you’re a teenager who likes their sleep, it’s not the best sound to wake up to at 7.30am every Saturday morning… she doesn’t use quiet knitting needles as you’d imagine but a knitting machine that is around 1 metre long and is blooming noisy (although I was always attired in custom knits that were often made on demand).”