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‘Everywhere’ by Dot Thompson

everywhere detail

‘Everywhere’ by Dot Thompson

“I wanted to reflect the widespread, connecting, art and design network within London. I went about the piece by listing and marking many of the creative galleries, museums and studios across London on a map, before sewing lines of thread to connect them and using this as the framework for the letterforms, which were first hand cut out of card.”

everywhere angle 1

‘Connected’ by Becky Chilcott and Sarah Chilcott

process 2‘Connected’ by Becky Chilcott and Sarah Chilcott

“Growing up with a Mum who is constantly knitting, I developed an aversion to having a go myself early on. When you’re a teenager who likes their sleep, it’s not the best sound to wake up to at 7.30am every Saturday morning… she doesn’t use quiet knitting needles as you’d imagine but a knitting machine that is around 1 metre long and is blooming noisy (although I was always attired in custom knits that were often made on demand).”