‘Gems’ by Syd Hausmann

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‘Gems’ by Syd Hausmann“When I got the brief for this project, one of the first things that popped into my head were the colourful, spiky potatoes that debuted a few years on London’s bus shelters – and how much I loved them. And I thought of all the things that made the city so wonderful: the people, the things to do, the diversity, the energy.. but it’s the unexpected surprises that truly delight me. From a potato on a bus shelter to a whole new area in London previously unvisited, my word had to be: hidden gems.”

Black = GEMS
Pink = Hidden

The poem written within GEMS is:
On the Queen’s repairing Somerset House
And every day there passes by my side,
Up to its western reach, the London tide—
The spring tides of the term. My front looks down
On all the pride and business of the town;
My other fair and more majestic face
For ever gazes on itself below,
In the best mirror that the world can show.
By Abraham Cowley 1668

SHausmann-TT-Final lr

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Syd Hausmann designs, crafts and illustrates things for paper and pixels. Until recently, she was one of the directors of Gingerline, an immersive dining project. After working for design agency Glock, she currently freelances in Brighton and London and is setting up a new creative collective called Rocket 52. Twitter: @iSquidney

‘Gems’ by Syd Hausmann will be displayed at Type Tasting with the London Design Festival 2013 at the V&A.

Display: 14 – 19 September 2013
Drop in workshops: 10am – 5pm, 14 & 15 September 2013’London Design Festival Hub
Design Studio, Sackler Centre
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL
ldf at v&a  v&a