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Blog: British summer

summertime_are we there summertime_living easy

Blog: British summer

Summer’s coming at last—according to the Evening Standard we’re set to bask in a mini heat wave this week as the mercury could reach up to 30c.

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#LDF13: London =

PMU3 600X390

#LDF13: London =

A collection of creative typography created for Type Tasting at the V&A with the London Design Festival? Click here to find out more.

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Blog: What is the future of type?


Blog: What is the future of type?
By Sarah Hyndman

‘What is the future of type?’ This is a question that was posed a few weeks ago which prompted a diverse range of responses. The discussion played out via email, Twitter, Design Week and the Creative Review blog and subsequently formed the basis for an event at the St Bride Library.

The main themes that arose included the evolution of type and whether words may ultimately become obsolete as technology and globalisation progress? Physical print is still in demand; independent type foundries are appearing, there has been a resurgence in letterpress, and an Adana press is back in production in Japan. Whether this is a new trend or a final swansong remains to be seen.

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Blog: Balmy Friday evening in Dalston

ready for pia

It’s turned into a lovely day, perfect for a balmy Dalston Type Safari with Pia and her 13 graphic design students from Denmark. We’re looking forward to seeing the photographs they take tonight and will post them here soon…

Blog: History of type update

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Humanist vs Garalde_Alice Wilson  Image Layout 1 (Page 20)

The test pilots on the History of type correspondence course are producing some wonderfully creative examples of lettering while they research and learn about the history of typography and type classification.

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Blog: London Design Festival at the V&A

ldf at v&a

Event: London Design Festival at the V&A

We’ve just been on a site visit to the V&A to see the fantastic space we’ll be in for 14-19 September during the London Design Festival 2013. It’s the Design Studios in the Sackler Centre and it’s huge so we’d better get creating. More soon on how you can take part…

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