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Dalston Type Safari

Last chance to see this sign before the new tenants cover it over? Final 2016 Dalston Type Safaris departing 5th and 16th August booking now.

Signage is ever-changing as businesses come and go, areas transform, or fashions and tastes change. If you stand for a few moments in one place in a town or city and look around you will find that the letterforms on the signs combine to create a unique snapshot of the area that represents it at that specific moment in time. This is the fourth year that I have taken people on guided walks through Dalston and the one guarantee is that there will always be change. Sometimes a new sign appears and it is difficult to remember what was there before, other times I feel a heart-wrenching sadness when a favourite vanishes without warning. The Mockingbird sign was hand painted by Peter Hardwicke, but now all that remains of the letters are the slight raised edges as if embossed into the new layer of paint that now covers them.

Dalston Type Safari

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AIGA Eye on Design

How Type Can Tell the History of Your City
A London designer leads a tour of her neighborhood signage
By Ellen Himelfarb for AIGA’s Eye on Design.

**BOOK HERE for the final two Dalston Type Safaris taking place this year**

“On a recent Tuesday evening, I followed Sarah Hyndman around Dalston, one of London’s most creative and fast-gentrifying neighborhoods. Her so-called Dalston Type Safari hadn’t sounded like the most exotic endeavor, to this local, at least. It resembled a safari insofar as we roamed among native creatures, some growling to themselves, and kept alert for dangerous beasts of the wheeled variety.

“Yet Hyndman, author of Why Fonts Matter and an expert on the psychology of typefaces, came armed with vast amounts of wisdom (and a tote stuffed with gummy treats, popcorn, and hand-pressed postcards, lending it all a staycation vibe). I think we all came away as enlightened as if we’d been abroad and back.”

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Dalston type safari photographingR

Take up the Type Safari Challenge and create a composition to reflect the area where you live.

We are surrounded by type and we use it to navigate our everyday lives. The letterforms we encounter as we walk down the high street influence our choices before we’ve even read the words. These also reveal a great deal about the the location, reflecting the social, economic and historical development of the area.

Take up the challenge and create your own composition, instructions are below.

Type Safari Gallery (click to enlarge)

Type Safari-Kawal Oberoi    BehJESNCUAAJ_ga

Kawal Oberoi (Delhi) / Karina Monger (Ilfracombe)

TypeSafari_Islington_Gabriella  Allyssa Syme2

Gabriella Kovacs (Islington, London) / Allyssa Syme (Islington, London)

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Learn ebook-all

Would you like to learn about type/fonts the Type Tasting way?

The Type Tasting approach takes the viewpoint of the type consumer and explores fonts through experiences and observations from everyday life. The e-learners will feature questions and challenges throughout and at the end there will be a short test which you can submit to have marked. Those who pass will receive a certificate and a virtual button to wear on their website or Facebook page with pride. These are aimed at curious font consumers, no prior typography experience is needed.

Titles in this series of e-learners are planned for later in the year. Each will guide you through learning about an area of type and you can vote for the first titles to be published. Choose which ones you would like when you register your interest*, and the most popular will be the first launched:

Sensory type: From a DIY Type Tasting.
History of type: Told through 10 record covers.
Type classification: From a Dalston Type Safari.
Type & perception: From font personality profiling.

Click here to register your interest in Type Tasting e-learners.

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*There is no obligation to buy when you register your interest.