Why Fonts Matter

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“A fascinating insight into how type can influence our feelings, our senses, and even our taste” Professor Charles Spence, University of Oxford.

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Why Fonts Matter* by Sarah Hyndman.
Published by Virgin Books (Penguin/Random House).
New book coming soon How to Draw Type and Influence People (Laurence King).

“Most books about fonts are written for designers – Sarah brings the power of fonts to everyone” Patrick Burgoyne, Editor of Creative Review.

“Sarah Hyndman brings a frisky mix of art and science to her multisensory analysis of typography and communication” Ellen Lupton, curator of contemporary design at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

“Book arrived this morning. Absolutely superb. Makes every opinion-based book on typefaces more or less obsolete. Well done.” Martin Turner ‏via Twitter.

Bookseller 10 titles not to miss, 29th January.
Grafik Multiple Choice, 28th January.
It’s Nice That Why Fonts Matter, and how they impact your mood, 26th January.


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*Please note: if you already have a copy of The Type Taster this is the second edition with a new title.

(And why they are lots of fun.) Packed with games and quizzes, explore why some type feels playful, or makes products more expensive, or can even make words look happy or sad. And what does your favourite font reveal about you? Once you discover why fonts matter, words will never look the same again.

Reviews of the first edition
The first edition of Why Fonts Matter was self-published in February 2015 under the title of The Type Taster: How Fonts Influence You. Huge thank you to everybody who supported this first edition, you all rock!

Number 1 on the list of 8 best typography books of 2015, Creative Bloq

“This is no boring instructional tome on the correct use of ligatures, rather it takes a look at the emotional lives of fonts, and examines how their distinct personalities create (often subconscious) emotional responses.” Grafik

“While The Type Taster draws on some serious research, however, it does so in a fun, informal way.” Creative Review

“This playful book addresses the everyday type consumer, aiming to take the discussion beyond the immediate audience of graphic designers and type specialists. Chapters ask conversation-starting questions such as ‘Typefaces, they don’t really matter?’, ‘Functional vs evocative’ and ‘Type is a time machine’.” Eye Magazine

“Sarah’s approach has encouraged a very democratic, fun new way of looking at type”  It’s Nice That

“The book is also written in this Type Tasting style–friendly and informal, with easily relatable references. But it’s not all play. The book makes a persuasive case for changing the way we think and talk about type, turning it into a more inclusive subject that allows non-experts the confidence to express opinions.” AIGA Eye on Design 

“A great read, fun and informative!” Anja Wohlstrom, ICON Magazine

“This is a fun romp through the world of typography—its evolution and application in today’s visual world that will make you think and make you laugh. This hugely enjoyable book is engaging, insightful and entertaining. Highly recommended.” Caryl Jones, Communications consultant.

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