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Dalston Type Safari

Last chance to see this sign before the new tenants cover it over? Final 2016 Dalston Type Safaris departing 5th and 16th August booking now.

Signage is ever-changing as businesses come and go, areas transform, or fashions and tastes change. If you stand for a few moments in one place in a town or city and look around you will find that the letterforms on the signs combine to create a unique snapshot of the area that represents it at that specific moment in time. This is the fourth year that I have taken people on guided walks through Dalston and the one guarantee is that there will always be change. Sometimes a new sign appears and it is difficult to remember what was there before, other times I feel a heart-wrenching sadness when a favourite vanishes without warning. The Mockingbird sign was hand painted by Peter Hardwicke, but now all that remains of the letters are the slight raised edges as if embossed into the new layer of paint that now covers them.

Dalston Type Safari

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