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Hidden stories in London’s signs

The chatty cinema sign over Ruby’s Bar. 

Hidden in London street signs are stories waiting to be told. Their letterforms tell us these stories, which we often read on a subconscious level.

Taking a closer look at the city streets reveals how the new and preserved signs narrate three centuries of letterforms. These tell the social and cultural stories of an area with ‘secret’ clues hidden in their shapes.

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How Punk changed Graphic Design and is history repeating itself?

Punk emerged as a reaction to the rigid restrictions of Modernism and its style ripped up the rules of Swiss minimalism and neutral sans serif typography. As traditional attitudes came to be considered outdated, society rebelled against the mainstream and demanded change. It feels like we are at a similar turning point today, both culturally and typographically. Can we look to history for parallels in how graphic design and cultural attitudes are changing today?

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Typography trends for 2018, 4. The return of flares & serifs

What typography trends are forecast for 2018 and how can you use them?
Trend 4. The return of flares & serifs
By Sarah Hyndman

Part 4 in a series of posts looking at typography trends that we predict will influence graphic design in 2018, and explaining how you can incorporate each trend into your work.

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