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Professional development live Zoom workshops

Professional development from the psychology of typography to the semiotics of type trends

These are interesting, inspiring and fun workshops with clear and empowering takeaways for people from all roles in a company. Ideal as a team-building session or to reinforce the importance of coherent presentation of your brand. Hosted live by Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman.

You can arrange a private session for your group or organisation, or come along as an individual to a public event.

These are ideal for departments across the whole company, not just designers.

“Such a fun, interesting and inspiring workshop with clear and empowering takeaways. It reinforced the importance of coherent presentation of our brand for colleagues from all parts of our company, in all types of roles.” Nicky Borowiec, Springer Nature (What’s your type?)

Psychology of typography (an introduction)

Learn how fonts impact decisions with a formula for choosing typefaces. Live, interactive Zoom.
“Such an amazing session, really happy I got to be part of it.” A.T.
“Really informative.” Jo Salter
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Secret personalities of fonts

The voice of a brand is its most important asset—discover why in this fun and highly interactive session. Live, interactive Zoom.
“Such a fun, interesting and inspiring workshop with clear and empowering takeaways … for colleagues from all parts of our company, in all types of roles.” Nicky Borowiec, Springer Nature
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Decoding type trends (semiotics)

Update your knowledge and future-proof your typeface-selection skills
Just add cocktails for a New Year team-building session. Live, interactive Zoom.
“That was totally dope. Insightful. Articulate. Entertaining. Super impressed.” Nic
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Introduction to multisensory typography

Learn the science of how to make your messaging more memorable. Live, interactive Zoom.
“I found Sarah’s multisensory online workshop really enlightening. I can’t believe how much I learned and how much I have enjoyed one hour.” Minji
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Professional development workshops
2-hour or half-day sessions for private bookings

This session can be run as a longer workshop with activities based on the theory. Your team will explore the ideas in more detail with a challenge at the end that enables them to put what they’ve learned into practice. Professional development workshops are delivered online or in-person.

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How Punk changed Graphic Design and is history repeating itself?

Punk emerged as a reaction to the rigid restrictions of Modernism and its style ripped up the rules of Swiss minimalism and neutral sans serif typography. As traditional attitudes came to be considered outdated, society rebelled against the mainstream and demanded change. It feels like we are at a similar turning point today, both culturally and typographically. Can we look to history for parallels in how graphic design and cultural attitudes are changing today?

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Take part in the Typographic Interventions project

What is a typographic intervention? What if it’s not what it says on the tin? Can typography alter your experiences, or nudge you to change your behaviour?

This year we are exploring the potential for creating typographic interventions that initiate positive behaviour change. You are invited to take part in typographic research. Some of the experiments you will take part in are in their early proof of concept stages, for others data is being gathered potentially to be published as a future collaborative study.

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