Signage from Dalston to Devon

Different letters found in Dalston assembled to make the phrase 'Club Labrynth'

Above is Club Labrynth by Sam Roberts from Ghostsigns who came along to Sunday’s Dalston Type Safari. He explains that “For me, Club Labrynth is the earliest memory I have of Dalston as a destination. Back in the mid-1990s it was the weekly hardcore/jungle night at the legendary Four Aces nightclub… The provocation of memory was an unexpected aspect of the Type Safari, and there were other long-term Hackney residents on the walk sharing their own recollections.”

“The interactive component of hunting down letters for my phrase made the safari a very personal (and creative) experience. I saw lots that I had never noticed before, including a few painted examples, making it a fun, informative and participatory talk and walk.”

Read Sam’s full article here.


Above is Sebastian Juhnke’s ‘Regeneration’, also from Sunday’s Dalston Type Safari. Sebastian’s a PhD student in Sociology conducting a comparative study on creative professionals in multicultural neighbourhoods: Dalston/Hackney in London and Reuterkiez/Neukölln in Berlin (his hometown). If you’re interested to talk to him about his research tweet him at @SebastianJuhnke.

Below is Karina Monger’s ‘Ilfracombe is a curious place’ which she created when visiting home at the weekend “I’ve done my #typehomework! Here’s the phrase to sum up #ilfracombe #devon my hometown.” Charming to see the contrast between transforming Dalston and historic Ilfracombe.


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