Workshop: Type styles through history


Workshop: Type styles through history
Learn about typography and the history of type: correspondence course
This course is currently in a tryout phase with our volunteer test pilots…

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Zoë Chan, Amy Freeborn

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Blackletter: Luana Asiata, Emily Gosling

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Blackletter: Alice Wilson, Tracy Hotham

A series of short assignments in which you will explore different type styles, discover how they have evolved throughout history, what their influences are and what associations are made when you look at each typeface. This is a correspondence course in which you will undertake directed research at home and present your results in the form of a series of posters.

There will be feedback and direction along the way and each assignment is only set once the previous one has been completed and viewed here at Type Tasting HQ. Selected visual outcomes chosen by the Type Tasting team will be published on the website.

There are 14 assignments, aim to spend between 1 and 3 hours on each and to complete each assignment within a week.

• Learn about the major typeface styles and how type has evolved through history
• Explore the characteristics of each typeface style and find an example of each
• Draw sample letters by hand, exploring and learning their shapes
• Produce a creative and informative series of posters in your own style
• Have the opportunity for your work to be showcased on the Type Tasting website

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Humanist vs Garalde: Zoë Chan, Alice Wilson, Emily Gosling

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Display type: Amy Freeborn, Zoë Chan, Emily Gosling

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Didone: Zoë Chan, Emily Gosling

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Digital Revolution: Emily gosling, Zoë Chan

Top image: Angela Lamb