Workshop: Type that describes


Workshop: Type that describes
Sunday April 21st, 3-7pm
Type Tasting Studio (London N16)
For people with creative/typographic experience
Apply to and you will be sent a PayPal link

A studio based workshop led by Sarah Hyndman in which you will be taken through a series of exercises, discuss ideas as a group and respond to feedback from the workshop leader. The workshop starts with an introduction to creative typography accompanied by the work of designers and artists to give you inspiration. We start the creativity with a markmaking warmup exercise then move onto creating thumbnail sketches in which we explore layout and scale. After a short break we begin the main typographic exploration, at the end of which we pin all the pieces produced on the wall and have a group discussion over a glass of wine.


This Sunday we’ll be playing with weather forecasts and making words that rain and shine…

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becky chilcott 001_300
participants at work

Design Week 22nd March 2013
We use type to navigate our lives and it can reveal so much, from the history of a city to the shopping choices we make’, says Sarah Hyndman, graphic designer and founder of Type Tasting.

Pick Me Up
Get away from your computer and get your hands dirty making decorative display letters. Ornate display type from the Victorian era often featured images of everyday life such as flowers or farm animals. This type style has been given a modern twist by graffiti artist Eine and on Pulp’s ‘We Love Life’ album cover. You can bring the style up to date and personalise it by creating display type with modern motifs and materials and have your letter exhibited at Somerset House for the day.

Images: Becky Chilcott, Felipe Marangoni