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A year ago with the LDF at the V&A

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 07.32.06
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For the London Design Festival a year ago, Type Tasting posed the question “what’s your creative London?”. Stunning words were created for the exhibition by a wide range of designers and non designers of all ages and from around the world. We were delighted that Ralph Steadman and Alan Kitching created words in their own inimitable styles. All of the words were displayed at the V&A.


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From London to Austin, a Creative Typography Invasion

Type Tasting Typography Workshop at SXSW

Type Tasting Global Lettering Typography Workshop at SXSW Austin, Texas
London based designer Sarah Hyndman is taking her Type Tasting venture to the US next week. She’s running a day long ‘Global Lettering Workshop’ at South by Southwest (SXSW) on Saturday March 8th.

Type Tasting Typography Workshop at SXSW

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Type Tasting global typography at SXSW

Type Tasting Typography Workshop at SXSW Type Tasting Typography Workshop at SXSW

Type Tasting Global Lettering Workshop
SXSW Interactive, Austin, Texas

Saturday March 8th

“Get creative whilst exploring and reinterpreting the typography found in street signs and signage from around the world.” We’re expanding on the Dalston Reimagined idea from last summer and take it global. Are there patterns to be found on a larger scale, what does the signage reveal about an area, a city or a country when compared?

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Type Tasting with the London Design Festival at the V&A

LDF workshop 053**_LR

Type Tasting with the London Design Festival at the V&A

It was a weekend of Type Tasting drop in workshops at the V&A beneath our impressive collection of creative London words. The room was buzzing with chatter as people came in and looked at the collection, especially as the new words were added throughout the weekend and covered the walls by the end.

We’ve been posing the question “what’s your creative London?” and the collection overhead inspired participants to sit down and create their own responses. Many arrived looking determined and announcing “I’m here to make my word”. Our corner of the V&A became the hive of creativity and messy activity. The tables were filled with faces of concentration and the sounds of cutting and scribbling with the occasional “pass the glue?”. See portraits of the participants with their completed words.

LDF workshop 024_LR

We’re also delighted to have welcomed those who traveled from far afield to join us having listened to me being interviewed by John Humphrys and Justin Webb on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday morning.

The day was documented by Oli Frape who set up his easel for Live Lettering throughout Saturday, we played lively rounds of Typography Karaoke and covered much of the remaining wall space with the newly created words.

And most importantly thank you to the Type Tasting team who you all met at the weekend who briefed, encouraged, photographed and cheered everybody on.

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News: Final list of words selected for #LDF13

ldf at v&a

Announcing the final list of creative words selected for #TypeTasting with #LDF13 at the V&A: Click here to see the full list.

Come along to see the full collection of words for Type Tasting with the London Design Festival 2013 at the V&A from 14-19 September in the Design Studio of the Sackler Centre at the V&A.

You can still take part and create a word at the drop in Type Tasting workshops in the Design Studio at the Sackler Centre of the V&A between 10am-5pm on 14 & 15 September. No prior booking needed just come along and join in.

Blog: Typographic explosion

words on floor 05

Blog: Typographic explosion

The Type Tasting studio is full of creative typography as we begin to photograph, select and curate the final display for Type Tasting with the London Design Festival. It’s an exciting collection in such a range of styles and mediums, what connects all the pieces is the amount of thought and hands on creativity that’s gone into them.

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Blog: Tatty Devine made by hand


Blog: Tatty Devine made by hand

We’re delighted to give you an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the making of the Tatty Devine ‘Love’ necklace…

Tatty Devine creates original designs from scratch, almost all of their jewellery is made by hand in their workshops and they stick to their principles of keeping production in the UK. You can see here just how much detail goes into making each necklace, from choosing the separate shapes and assembling them by hand to match the diagram through to removing the protective coverings and revealing the final piece. We especially like the big, yellow pot of ‘Magic Glue’.

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Workshop: Type Tasting at Cass Art Islington

images for cass 2

Workshop: Type Tasting at Cass Art Islington
Sunday September 1st, 3-5pm
Cass Art Islington
Prior booking necessary via the Cass Art website, maximum group size 8 people.
Experience: all levels (16+)

Take part in a Type Tasting creative typography workshop at Cass Art Islington hosted by Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman. Get away from the computer to get your hands dirty experimenting with typography and exploring its expressive qualities. We will explore the topic of ‘creative London’ through typography, mark making and materials. At the end of the session you are invited to submit your work to be considered for inclusion in Type Tasting with the London Design Festival at the V&A.

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Workshop: Type Tasting at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

curve garden

Workshop: Type Tasting at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
Creative typography workshops for children
Thursday August 22nd
Drop in workshops at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm, each session lasts for an hour.
No prior booking necessary
(the workshop will accommodate 10-15 children at a time)

Children are invited to draw words about creativity and playing in a session led by Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman. The children will choose words and then create them so that the letterforms are inspired by the meaning of the words.

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#LDF13: ‘Home’ by Caspian Ievers

Home_Caspian Ivers_HRsq

#LDF13: ‘Home’ by Caspian Ievers

Caspian Ievers lives in Wellington, New Zealand. He is originally from the UK and ‘Home’ is about his Mum’s cooking and going to visit her. He photographed all the stages he went through to create the letters—from his home baking to enjoying the jam laden scone with a cup of tea (below).

The distance Ievers lives from London was emphasised as he created the letters on Sunday. He explained that it was an eventful day “with more earthquakes than you’d ever want in a day including a 6.5 not that far away which made the shoot a bit unusual, no damage here just plenty of diving under the table.”

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