What’s your London? with #LDF13 at the V&A

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holding sister_lr holding fantastic_lr holding library_lr

What’s your London? with #LDF13 at the V&A

The drop in workshop on Sunday beneath our exhibition of words at the V&A with the London Design Festival was just as lively as Saturday. Here are the words made with their smiling creators.

holding ocean family_lr holding sensation2_lr

holding architecture v2_lr holding atj_lr holding cake_lr holding family angled boy_lrholding calum_lr holding cloud_lr holding family sun_lrholding collaborate_lr holding colour vibrant_lr holding creepy_lrholding commute dislorented_lr holding create sun_lr holding gymnast_lr holding delight_lr holding tolerant_lrholding discover family_lr holding varied_lrholding dodamerecl_lr holding family curiosity_lr holding freedom_lr holding fun&fast_lrholding funky_lr holding group 2_lr holding group 3_lr holding group monochrome_lr holding group_lr holding hanging vintage_lr holding organic_lr holding illuminate strategy_lr holding immerse architect_lr holding inspiration_lr   holding lol_lr holding look_lr holding love_lr holding latymer chiswick_lr holding love88_lr holding nature_lr  holding open easy_lr holding polite visitor2_lr holding polite_lr holding polluted_lr holding popup bloggers_lr holding rain architecture_lr holding rain_lr holding ricochet_lr holding share_lr holding sun hayabusa_lrholding streetart_lr holding stronger magical_lr holding two museums 2_lr holding tourist_lr holding trees_lr  holding underground_lr

Creators of words at the drop in workshops on Saturday and Sunday: #Tweet 134 by Maria Kell, 25h City by Edward Hill, abracadabrab rules ok by James Whiting, Adventure by Marnie Matthews, Ale from Heaven by Markus & Navc, Alive by David Haynes, Alive by Alex Flynn, Amazing by Emily Hughes, Anand by Maya Homer, Animated by Stephen Greon, Architect by Henry Louth, Architecture by Natasha Vikulina, Artistic by Daniel Beilin, Artistic by Fumi Shimomosa, Assay by Michele Wyckoff Smith, atj by Aarefa Tayabji, Awesome by Toby Wyckoff-Smith, Bee by J Nuthall, Bloggers by Natalie Jahangiry, Bold by Susie Stimmel, Bright by Clare Benge, Bubble by Clare Gorton, Busy by Kristina Sinclair, Buzzing by Mary Tobin, Cabaret by Anastasia, Chatty by Alma, Citizen by Reni Hultema, Cloud by Kang E J, Collaborate by Erik Winterburn, Colour by Sam Osborne, Colourful by Adriana, Colours by Amy Bass, Commute by Joanna Moss, Complete by Sachi Otsuki, Code by Laurence Tucker, Creepy by Victoria Blair, Crowded by Natalia Wisniehska, Cuarenteria Cuarterona by Nathan Collis, Culture by Issy Speciale, Curiosity by Rachel Russell, Delight by Joanna Impey, Discover by Christophe Lalo, Different by Amanda Baker, Disorientated by Laura Abram, Diverse by Alice Corile, Diversity by Ning Wang, Do None Vertical (anagram of creative London) by Paul Fine, Dodamarcel by Dodam Jeong, Double Decker by Clare Flynn, Dreams by Alex Dana, Drukte (business) by Martijn De Bruign, Endless by Nicole Welsh, Escape by Cara Bray, Everything by Natalie Homer, Experience & Adventure by Alice Czarnouska, Fantastic by Dae Geun Kim, Fast by Tamila Bergaripova, Fetch by Michelle Chin, Flower by Mona Ma, Fluid by Jaimee Lowe, Fontastic by J Haywood, Food by Dom, Free by Phoebe Light, Frenetic by Hannah Machover, Friends & Family by Bindy, Fun & Fast by Dennis Asae, Funky by Stephen Peet, Future by Amelia Middle, Glass by Mario Corile, Gothic by Mark Thomas, Grool (great & cool) by Michelle Ku, Happening by Yi-Chun Chen, Hayabusa by James Abrahart, Hipster by Chloë Wood, Historic by Alice Smith, Home by Hannah Nicholls, Home by Natalie Horan, Hope by Hannah Shackleford, Imagine by Roberto Carlos Vera, Immerse by Christin Clement Louth, Inspiration by Linda Clifford, Inspire by Irinn Bischof, It’ll do by Annie Jakeman, Keep it Real Sunday Roast by Jacob Kisker, Lifeseed by Laura Kiritesal, Lively by Henri Timmerman, LOL# by Abi Lester, London by Daphne & Iris, London by Sarah & Lotte, London City (Arabic) by Rihan Fahed, Look by Zhane Connolly, Lost by Karen Gager, Lost by Mitasu Patei, Love by Candice Hewitt, LOVE88 by Hafiza Begum, Love Leila by Leila Wilson, Love Live & Laugh by Lisa Brown, Magical by Paula, Manufacture by Ed Thomas, Melqni Green by Elad Stein & Reut Newman, Monochrome by Mark Wilson, Multiculture by Mohamed Tabrez, Museum by Yang Ning & Bonnie Liu, Nature by Evie Peet, Non Stop by Jorge Pratscher, Open Connected by Deepti Jain, Organic by S Pavuncheva, Park by Sania Wilson, Perspective by Sally Plunkett, Play by Alejandro Martin, Polite by Eva Luna, Polluted by Madeleine Jablonowska, Pop Up by Jo Birch, Preston by Liz Lonstale, Reality by Ariel Weith, Reporter by Zimri Smith, Ricochet by Jake Goodall, Rie in the big city by Anne-Marie Hastings, Rose by Iris, Rush by Louise, Scrambled by Maya Homer, Scribbles by Consuelo Zaccaron, Sensation by Crispin Longden, Sharehouse by Kate Devine, Sharehouse by Daniella Wood, Sister by Irwin Nenneo, Speculative by Kendall Ahlberg, Springy & Skeleton by E Swain, Stripe by Sarah Sweetman, Stronger by Mariana, Stuff by Luke Wilson, #SWAG by Shorty aka Hema Vyas, Talks by Erik Delger, Taxi! by Lisbeth, Teeth Talk Tongue by Isabelle Neumand, Tolerant by Mar, Tourist by Jenni Sinclair, Tourist by Virendra Shinde, Transparent by Sam Kimberley, Trees by Corinne, Type by Satty Heer, Underground by Nitzah Michman, Urban mindi slang for ‘chaos’ & ‘buzz’ by Ayusm Jain, Varied by Dylan Flowers, Vast by Pauline Thomas, Vibrant by Sagun, Vibrant by David Edgar, Visitor by Claire, Wonderful London by Alice Sandford-Anderson, Yours by Tabitha Pring, Gemma Yussuf, Hafiza Begum, Nat Cooh.

If you didn’t put your name on the sign up form please email sarah@typetasting.com and we’ll add you to the list.

Photos taken by Eunjung Ahn, Qian Yuan and Sarah Hyndman.

Thank you to the Type Tasting team who you all met at the weekend who briefed, encouraged, photographed and cheered everybody on.

Display: 14 – 19 September 2013
Drop in workshops: 14 & 15 September 2013
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

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