A year ago with the LDF at the V&A

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For the London Design Festival a year ago, Type Tasting posed the question “what’s your creative London?”. Stunning words were created for the exhibition by a wide range of designers and non designers of all ages and from around the world. We were delighted that Ralph Steadman and Alan Kitching created words in their own inimitable styles. All of the words were displayed at the V&A.


Above: Ralph Steadman ‘Rebellious Creative’, below Alan Kitching ‘Buses + Tubes’

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During the Graphics Weekend we held drop in workshops at the V&A beneath our impressive collection of creative ‘London’ words. The room was buzzing with chatter as people came in and looked at the collection, especially as the new words were added throughout the weekend and covered the walls by the end.

We were delighted to welcome those who traveled from far afield to join us having listened to me being interviewed by John Humphrys and Justin Webb on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday morning.

The day was documented by Oli Frape who set up his easel for Live Lettering throughout Saturday, we played lively rounds of Typography Karaoke and covered much of the remaining wall space with the newly created words.

Click here to see the words created during the Sunday workshops, and click here to see the words created during the Saturday workshops.

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All of the words created in advance for the main exhibition can be seen in the Type Tasting newspaper—complete with Ralph Steadman‘s inky letterpress print on the front cover. Click here to see the process behind the making of many of the words.

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Click here if you’d like to look through all the words and stories about Type Tasting with #LDF13 at the V&A.

Photos taken by Eunjung Ahn, Qian Yuan and Sarah Hyndman.