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Brilliantly bizarre event

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“This brilliantly bizarre event seems like it could be plucked straight from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Uncover the personalities of your favourite fonts and learn more about your own through a series of multi-sensory games at the V&A.”

Type Tasting at #3 on Rockett St George’s Our Favourite Things to See and Do at This Years London Design Festival

A year ago with the LDF at the V&A

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For the London Design Festival a year ago, Type Tasting posed the question “what’s your creative London?”. Stunning words were created for the exhibition by a wide range of designers and non designers of all ages and from around the world. We were delighted that Ralph Steadman and Alan Kitching created words in their own inimitable styles. All of the words were displayed at the V&A.


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#LDF13: ‘Unique’ by Evelin Kasikov


#LDF13: ‘Unique’ by Evelin Kasikov

Kasikov’s eclectic mix of letters is designed in true London style—trash, glam, techno, kitsch, vintage and super-modern all happily mixed together. Each letter is different and unique; one is reminiscent of blackletter, there’s a neon-sign letter and kitsch diamond shapes.The letters are embroidered onto paper.

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#LDF13: Getting creative with the London Design Festival and V&A team

Superhuman LDF teamSQ

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#LDF13: Getting creative with the London Design Festival and V&A team

We recently took our box of creative materials and words down to the London Design Festival offices for an evening of creative unwinding. Things are getting pretty busy as the Festival is getting closer, the Guide is going to print and the events are being finalised. An evening of making ‘creative London’ words accompanied by cold beer was just what we all needed.

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