Welsh Type Road Trip

corner shop
Printmaker Naomi Midgley stopped in the market town of Welshpool ‘where Wales begins‘ on a recent drive from Birmingham to Barmouth, she says “Welshpool doesn’t disappoint when type hunting, this corner shop sign has been preserved and still operates as a corner shop”. Here are a selection of her finds and her observations.

vickery crop& lads and dads

The ‘&’ from Vickery & Co, and Lads & dad’s—a hairdressers still in operation.

Above is the old Morris & Sons store in Barmouth which has been empty for years, below is the wonderful enamel sign on its door.

perth vickery
Vickery & Co mosaic as the entrance way to a laundrette in Welshpool—also candy to the eyes.

Naomi Midgley of Gretel Press is a letterpress printer, lino cutter & ink mixer, printmaking technician at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design.