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Workshop: Type Tasting at Cass Art Islington

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Workshop: Type Tasting at Cass Art Islington
Sunday September 1st, 3-5pm
Cass Art Islington
Prior booking necessary via the Cass Art website, maximum group size 8 people.
Experience: all levels (16+)

Take part in a Type Tasting creative typography workshop at Cass Art Islington hosted by Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman. Get away from the computer to get your hands dirty experimenting with typography and exploring its expressive qualities. We will explore the topic of ‘creative London’ through typography, mark making and materials. At the end of the session you are invited to submit your work to be considered for inclusion in Type Tasting with the London Design Festival at the V&A.

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Workshop: Type Tasting at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

curve garden

Workshop: Type Tasting at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
Creative typography workshops for children
Thursday August 22nd
Drop in workshops at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm, each session lasts for an hour.
No prior booking necessary
(the workshop will accommodate 10-15 children at a time)

Children are invited to draw words about creativity and playing in a session led by Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman. The children will choose words and then create them so that the letterforms are inspired by the meaning of the words.

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#LDF13: ‘Home’ by Caspian Ievers

Home_Caspian Ivers_HRsq

#LDF13: ‘Home’ by Caspian Ievers

Caspian Ievers lives in Wellington, New Zealand. He is originally from the UK and ‘Home’ is about his Mum’s cooking and going to visit her. He photographed all the stages he went through to create the letters—from his home baking to enjoying the jam laden scone with a cup of tea (below).

The distance Ievers lives from London was emphasised as he created the letters on Sunday. He explained that it was an eventful day “with more earthquakes than you’d ever want in a day including a 6.5 not that far away which made the shoot a bit unusual, no damage here just plenty of diving under the table.”

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Workshop: Type that describes


Workshop: Type that describes
Sunday April 21st, 3-7pm
Type Tasting Studio (London N16)
For people with creative/typographic experience
Apply to type@withrelish.co.uk and you will be sent a PayPal link

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Workshop: Type and sound

Scott Scanlan2 Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith6

Workshop: Type and Sound
Sunday March 17th, 3-7pm
Type Tasting Studio (London N16)
For people with creative/typographic experience
Join the mailing list if you’d like to be notified of the next Type and Sound workshop

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Workshop: How running makes me feel

Workshop: How running makes me feel
An afternoon workshop about how running makes you feel, led by Sarah Hyndman. The participants brainstormed words and phrases about how running makes them feel. They then recreated the words in a way that visually represented what the word means.

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Workshop: Typographic swearing ’n’ cursing

By Sarah Hyndman

Workshop: Typographic Swearing ’n’ Cussing
An antidote to all the over-the-top sentimentality that has become Valentine’s Day.

Learn about the history of typographic protest, and how a typeface can subvert a word. Explore different types of swearing, from random streams of consciousness, visual onomatopoeia, to absurd phrases and aimed verbal tirades. Create your own typographic profanities in a social setting with good conversation.

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