Workshop: Type and sound

Scott Scanlan2 Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith6

Workshop: Type and Sound
Sunday March 17th, 3-7pm
Type Tasting Studio (London N16)
For people with creative/typographic experience
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Tamara Ramudo Taberna_sharper
Above: Scott Scanlan, Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith, Tamara Ramudo Taberna

“Typography is what language looks like.” Ellen Lupton. This is a creative typography workshop led by Sarah Hyndman in which participants get away from the computer and explore how sound can be expressed typographically.

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Type Tasting workshops are sessions in which participants get away from their computers and get their hands dirty – experimenting with type and exploring its expressive qualities. They give experienced designers an imagination refresher and novices an accessible introduction to typography.

“Hugely enjoyed the Typography & Sound workshop @TypeTasting. Highly recommend to any designer that wants to get away from the mac for a bit.” Jill Murphy (Type and Sound)


Jill Murphy1 Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith5
Above: Jill Murphy, Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith

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Above: Catherine Hennessy

Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith1
Above: Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith
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“Thank you Sarah for a brilliant type workshop. What an unique and fun way to spend an afternoon surrounded by type and good conversation. Really got my creativity going!” Miho Aishima (Type and Running)

“Sarah’s Type Tasting workshop was so much fun. She gave us just a bit of history and just the right amount of information to put our type-crafting into context.” Syd Hausmann (Typographic Swearing & Cussing)

Tracy Holtham2 Catherine Hennessy5
Above: Tracy Holtham, Catherine Hennessy

Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith4 Scott Scanlan1

“Sarah is a fantastically inspiring and enthusiastic teacher and her work is testimony to the fact that she practices what she preaches.”
Joe Gardiner (Experimental Typography)

”Sarah has such enthusiasm for and a clear deep knowledge of typography, and her passion for it is so infectious, that you cannot help but be inspired and engaged by her. She makes it easy to get fired up by it.”
Zoë Daniels (Typographic Swearing & Cussing)

Victoria Welch1
Above: Victoria Welch
Catherine Hennessy1
Above: Catherine Hennessy
Catherine Hennessy2 at work sound6 Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith2
Above: Lydia Rose Cockburn-Smith     

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