This is a selection of inventive reinterpretations of words by students on the HND Graphic Design course at Bedford College. Tutor Jeffrey Tribe explains “students were challenge to create a unique an expressive typeface as a cover for an imaginary Dutch arts magazine”.

The different treatments of the word ‘human’ alter its meaning interestingly, adding depth, twists or make a comment about human behaviour. What do the reinterpretations mean to you?

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Sarah Hyndman’s Deckchair Alphabet features in the new book by Steven Heller (New York Times art director for 33 years) and Gail Anderson (former art director of Rolling Stone). In The Typographic Universe, they explore ‘the alphabet of everyday things': letters found in unexpected places such as flowers, train sets, human bones or deckchiars. ‘Gail gave the assignment to her class and the rest fell into place,’ Heller says, adding that letters emerge in surprising places ‘almost as frequently as faces’. Anderson says: ‘I had my own burgeoning collection of found letters, so it was interesting to connect with others who were as intensely obsessed as me’


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