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I was invited over to the London Live TV studios yesterday for a live interview with Claudia-Liza Armah about fonts, type consumers and what the signage reveals about Dalston on a Type Safari. The TV channel is based in Northcliffe House, a building in West London with a huge, bright atrium and a glass elevator vanishing up towards the glass ceiling. The studio is full of cameras which take on a life of their own as they are operated remotely from a booth, and the evening sun was streaming through the windows behind us. That was a great experience, I am always impressed by presenters and how they ask questions that make me come across as poised and knowledgeable. It was a big sofa so I was very happy not to topple over backwards on live television.

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It’s Open Studios weekend at the Chocolate Factory N16 on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st June from 11am to 6pm. The Type Tasting studio will be opening its doors so you can come and find out more about what I do and play some classic Type Tasting games. I’ll be signing copies of the book and there will be typographic prints, postcards and Font Fortunes on sale.

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Typefaces from Sarah Hyndman‘s TEDx talk ‘Wake Up and Smell the Fonts’ (in order of appearance)
VAG rounded, Clarendon bold condensed, Tekton, Trajan, Impact, Engravers Gothic, Agincourt, Didot, Aesthetique, Times New Roman, Klute.
Star Wars in 15 fonts: Blackmoor, Orbit, Klute, Pneuma, Data Seventy, Chromium One, Bertram, Buffalo Gal, Slipstream, Shatter, Black Boton, Helvetica bold compressed, Forest Shaded, Klute, Creepy, F2FShpeetz, BangCom.
Thank you to Monotype.

Watch the talk here:


 Dalston safariLR1

What does signage along a high street reveal about an area? How do fonts influence your choices and what are they really telling you?

Join author Sarah Hyndman for a walking tour of a dynamic and fast changing area in East London. Learn about the signage along the way and how it creates the area’s own unique typographic DNA. During the safari there will be a letter hunt challenge and at the end you’ll receive a Font Fortune goody bag.

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We are surrounded by type and we use it to navigate our everyday lives. The letterforms we encounter as we walk down the high street influence our choices before we’ve even read the words. These also reveal a great deal about the the location, reflecting the social, economic and historical development of the area creating its own, unique typographic DNA.

Dalston in East London is a vibrant area in which bars and shops are constantly popping up and the signage is ever changing. The signs along the main road, Kingsland Road, reveal layers of history dating back to when it was a London outpost in the 1800s. Signs from the Art Deco cinemas have been preserved alongside the vernacular D.I.Y. signage of the market stalls and the lettering over the shops and restaurants that reflect the different communities who have made the area home over the years. Many venues, along with their signage, have become iconic landmarks.

“Venture into a whole world of fonts. You don’t need any previous creative expertise to take part, just some love for letters.” Time Out

“A unique & interesting way to ‘read’ the city.” Sophie Nellis

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The Stoke Newington Literary Festival is an exciting event which celebrates this area in Hackney, London’s radical and literary history. I’m delighted that this is the second year Type Tasting will be involved. Join me for a ‘Taster’ in the studio where I will invite you to play some classic Type Tasting games.

Type Tasting ‘Taster’
Have you ever wondered what a font might smell like? Which font would you pair with each type of chocolate? What does your choice of font says about your personality?

Join one of the UK’s most innovative type experts Sarah Hyndman of experiential type studio Type Tasting to explore a series of multi-sensory games with type, have your say in the font personality census, find out which typefaces you would date, ditch or be ‘just good friends’ with and at the end you’ll receive a Font Fortune goody bag.

“Walking into the Type Tasting studio was like walking into a mad scientist’s lab” Robert Boick

“As bizarre as it sounds, my job is to match up the bottles and fonts using only my sense of smell.” Jake Wallis Simons, CNN (click to read)

“You’ll never look at fonts in the same way again.” Hannah Stewart

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