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Play the Type Dating Game and get a fun personality analysis of you and your potential date

This is from the Type Tasting Human Experiment series in which I’m exploring the links between psychology and typography. I’ve done a lot of reading on the subject and now I want to know what you all think.

Click here to play.

When you’ve played the game I’d really like to know how accurate you think your personality analysis is?
I hope you enjoy it, Sarah.

Survey: What do typefaces sound like? (Have your sound turned on for the second part)

What type sounds like

Compare five pairs of words with different physical attributes, then listen to six sounds and take up the challenge of matching them to typefaces. Click on the main image to take part.

As part of the ongoing Human Experiment series I’m curious to explore what different typefaces sound like and how they make us feel. This is a short survey that has been designed to be fun and thought provoking to take, you’ll need your headphones for page two (and it’s probably easier to do on a computer rather than a smartphone). I’m especially interested to know what non-designers think.

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We’d like to know what personalities different typefaces reveal to you so we’ve created a Human Experiment survey to find out.

Choose one of the eight typefaces below, scroll down the page and take a good look at all the choices. Click on the label of the large version of your chosen typeface to take you to a short survey. When you’ve completed the survey you’ll get a Miracle Font fortune (inspired by fortune cookies and fortune teller machines).

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blind test

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Sarah Hyndman, Wake Up and Smell the Fonts at TEDxBedford

TEDxBedford 2014 is taking place on the afternoon of the 15th November 2014 at The South Bank Arts Centre, Bedford College. A diverse range of speakers will join us to share their ‘ideas worth spreading’ relating to our theme ‘by Design’.

Designer Sarah Hyndman explores typography as we experience it in our every day lives under the banner of Type Tasting. Since the launch in 2013 she’s curated an exhibition at the V&A for the London Design Festival, been interviewed on Radio 4’s Today, taken Type Tasting to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and has been commissioned to write a book.

Sarah has been a graphic designer for over 15 years, working in agencies before setting up design company With Relish. After studying an MA in Typo/Graphics at the London College of Communication she was invited back as a guest tutor.

Sarah will share with us a story of type and invite us to consider our emotional response to the printed word. Each font/typeface has a personality that influences our interpretation of the words we read by evoking our emotions and setting the scene. We all understand this instinctively but it happens on a subconscious level. Sarah will show us that conscious awareness of the emotional life of fonts can be entertaining and ultimately give us more control over the decisions we make.



Welcome to the Type Tasting Human Experiment
We’re curious to know what you think of different typefaces so we are creating a series of surveys, interactive games and interviews which explore how people respond to typefaces, how they stimulate different senses and trigger memories.

Please repeat a survey as many as you wish, you should get a different typeface (or set of typefaces) each time. Click on a link below to start a survey, please share the links so we can get as many answers as possible.

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we need you
Go to the Human Experiment HQ for all the surveys and experiments

Join the conversation on Twitter #HumanExperiment

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I’ve been having fun working with the D&AD to write a new typography workshop with them called ‘Typography Lab’. The first session runs in September in their wonderful new workshop space near Brick Lane. It’s going to be a jam packed day of exploring, choosing and customising typefaces in typical Type Tasting style.


The Session
Join typography expert Sarah Hyndman on a journey into the world of typefaces. Learn to use “the machine”, a proven process for choosing the right typeface, experience the joy of “typography yoga” and take the font “taste test”. Discover how to use typefaces to make an emotional connection that enhances the impact of your designs.

The Leader
Sarah Hyndman, Graphic Designer and Type Tasting Founder

Sarah Hyndman is an experienced graphic designer with over 15 years’ experience including running the Experimental Typography course at the London College of Communication. Sarah organised the creative typography exhibition at the V&A, as well as setting up her own design company With Relish in 2003. She is currently writing a Type Tasting book.

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The Outcome
• Understand how typography delivers messages and creates emotional connections
• Apply a proven process for choosing typefaces
• Talk confidently about typography with clients and your team
• Explain how small changes to your typeface can radically change the associations it generates
• Communicate with your team to maximise the effectiveness of the briefing process and outcome

Who is it for?
Typography Lab is for anyone who is curious about how typography can be used to elicit an instinctive response. It’s perfect for junior creatives and non-designers and explores the experience of typography from both the designer and the readers’ viewpoint.

Find out more and book

More about D&AD workshops

Photo of Sarah by Rita Abreu


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