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Buy a copy of the book The Type Taster: How fonts influence you by Sarah Hyndman any time between now and the end of April 1st and it will come with an exclusive dust jacket featuring a mystery font.

First edition of The Type Taster: How fonts influence you by Sarah Hyndman, £18
Limited, first edition of 2,000 books

This book is currently only available directly from Type Tasting and in a small selection of independent book shops.
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Choose from 5 limited edition covers (400 of each cover design): Baskerville, Clarendon, Didot, Gill Sans, Helvetica. Inside the book you will find the corresponding personality analysis of your cover choice.

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“This is a fun romp through the world of typography—its evolution and application in today’s visual world that will make you think and make you laugh. This hugely enjoyable book is engaging, insightful and entertaining. Highly recommended.” Caryl Jones, Communications consultant.

“While The Type Taster draws on some serious research, however, it does so in a fun, informal way.” Rachael Steven, Creative Review

“This playful book addresses the everyday type consumer, aiming to take the discussion beyond the immediate audience of graphic designers and type specialists. Chapters ask conversation-starting questions such as ‘Typefaces, they don’t really matter?’, ‘Functional vs evocative’ and ‘Type is a time machine’.” Eye Magazine

“Brilliant! Full of delights on each page. I love how you have engaged the reader throughout.” Nicole Phillips, Typograph.her

“A great read, fun and informative!” Anja Wohlstrom, ICON Magazine


AIGA / Creative Review / Design Week / Eye Magazine / Grafik / ICON Magazine / It’s Nice That / Computer Arts


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I’m looking forward to an exciting couple of weeks in Austin, Texas leaving next week. I’m honoured to be presenting a short talk on Saturday March 14th and then I get to spend the rest of the time being curious and inspired by the unfolding themes and ideas, many of which will be influencing us tomorrow. It’s an amazing event to be a part of so I’m delighted to be going back and it’s going to be great to meet up with the friends I made last time.

Please order The Type Taster book by Saturday March 7th if you would like it posted before I leave (click here for more information).

Think Outside the Font: How Typefaces Influence
Sarah Hyndman

Saturday, March 14
11:45AM – 12:00PM
Ballroom C
Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas

Join graphic designer Sarah Hyndman who demonstrates that fonts play a vital role in our everyday lives and that they have the power to influence our experiences. Type is both functional and evocative; Sarah demonstrates how fonts trigger memories, evoke associations and prompt multi-sensory responses. She combines her experiences as a graphic designer with results of research by psychologists and neuroscientists.

Sarah will talk about her ongoing research into typeface associations which combine serious experiments and collaborations with fun games and surveys, and how she often uses her audiences as ‘human guinea pigs’. She shows that fonts create a first impression, they alter our expectations and they can even alter the taste of the food we eat.

Fonts turn words into stories. They do this by giving them a personality, a back story and by linking them to our memories and emotions, often before we’ve even read the words.

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