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In the week since Type Tasting’s Sarah Hyndman sounded exuberant about typography in the FT Weekend Magazine, and completely bonkers on CNN, the Tested on Humans surveys have received well over 18,000 new responses. The Type Dating Game and Font Fortunes have proved to be the most popular, followed closely by the quick Type & Emotions quiz. Click on any of the images if you’d like to have a go. Consult with the great Zoltar to receive your Font Fortune during Open Studios at the Chocolate Factory N16 on December 6th and 7th, sign up to the Type Tasting mailing list for news.

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A couple of recent interviews I’ve given have been published. The one with Jake from CNN was especially fun as he came to the studio and had a play with the props and demos: yes he really did come to Hackney and sniff fonts.

Above: “Graphic designer Sarah Hyndman is on a mission to make typography more appealing.” Financial Times, 12th September 2014

Below: “Our taste in fonts reveals more about us than we’d expect” CNN, 15th September 2014

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ldf talk

Join graphic designer Sarah Hyndman for an interactive Type Tasting talk full of demonstrations about how typefaces influence what we read. The audience will have the opportunity to take part in Sarah’s ongoing research into typeface associations. Find out more…

14th September 2014
Seminar Room 3, Learning Centre, (Level 3)

medicine mood bottles
Announcing ‘Tuesday Type Tastings’ which will take place on a Tuesday evening in the Type Tasting studio. Explore how typefaces affect your experiences and influence your choices. This is an entertaining and interactive Type Tasting session full of demonstrations and with a dash of theatre. Ideal for non-designers.

billetto event image
• See how fonts alter the meanings of words before your very eyes.
• Find out more about the psychology of fonts and how they communicate non-verbally.
• Try on ‘font goggles’ that will reveal what fonts are really communicating.
• See not only how fonts give words a personality, but also what they reveal about YOURS.
• Explore how fonts change the mood, and how you could use this to your advantage.
• Play multi-sensory games that will confuse your senses.
• Be amazed by the power of a font to alter the taste of your food.
• Take away your Font Fortune at the end of the session.

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