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I have found type exciting since I was a child. I used to love going to the sweetshop after school to look at all the brightly coloured lettering on the packaging and I would go home and make my own versions. Then later my schoolbooks were covered in meticulously redrawn logos of my favourite bands and song titles. These early experiences inspired my interest in the expressive qualities of type and I wrote Why Fonts Matter to share this.

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Happy Birthday Baskerville

Happy Birthday to John Baskerville, the English printer and typographer who was born on January 28th, 1706. He was based in Birmingham, which is where he designed the famous transitional serif typeface that bears his name.

Baskerville (the typeface)*
Personality: Intellectual, academic, wise.
Values: Traditional, conventional, trustworthy.
Style: Neutral, credible, knowledgeable.

>> If Baskerville is your favourite type, click here to read your lighthearted personality analysis! <<

From Why Fonts Matter by Sarah Hyndman.

*Around 300 participants took part in an online Type Tasting survey, the majority in the UK and the US.

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Typography might just help you date, solve obesity and impact your mood; so we’ve learnt from type fanatic Sarah Hyndman. We’ve previously dubbed her “the one woman tour-de-force behind the Type Tasting enterprise”, which looks at the power typography has over our lives and senses. She’s now published a new book on the subject, Why Fonts Matter, and has kindly offered us an extract looking at the effects of typography on our emotions.

“Physically, we use our voice, facial expressions. gestures and posture to convey a wide range of emotional cues from the subtle to the dramatic. Typefaces and the way they are used provide a similarly extensive emotional range typographically.”

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Type Dating Game live
Hosted by Sarah Hyndman
Apologies, the Valentine’s event has been postponed, a new date will be announced soon.

“A flirtatious evening of fonts and repartee”

Which font would you date? Which would you ditch, or be ‘just good friends’ with? Join us for an evening of typographic speed dating—will the fonts you choose help you find your real life Valentine?

Come along prepared for a few rounds of flirtatious mischief with potential Valentine’s dates as you decide which one is just your type.

Fast-paced and fun speed dating sessions will start every hour (7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm). Select the fonts you would like to date from a list. When the bell rings you find a potential date wearing one of these fonts and chat to them for five minutes: will you find the perfect font pairing, or will it be a typographic mismatch?

At the end of the session you will get a tongue-in-cheek personality analysis based on your choice of typeface, along with a font compatibility rating for your Valentine’s match.

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Please join me in a fun Type Tasting as you raise a glass of bubbly* to celebrate the launch of the Penguin/Random House publication of Why Fonts Matter by Sarah Hyndman on Thursday January 28th.

This could be sparkling wine, a fizzy drink or sparkling water, whatever your tipple is. Are you ready with your glass of bubbly in your hand? Click here to take part.



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