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Fontastical Games at the London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum After Dark
In-person event

Roll up roll up for an evening of fonts, letters and signs. Can you guess the tube station from the font clues? Will you spot the real sign from the fake? Shout along with typography karaoke. Play along with font charades. And test your memory with the conveyor belt game. 

Your Fontastical Games host is Sarah Hyndman, author of the bestselling Why Fonts Matter and founder of Type Tasting. She’s talked about fonts on Sunday Brunch, Radio 4 and you can watch her TEDx talk.

This is part gameshow and part quiz. There will be spot prizes of Sarah’s books. Order a transport-themed cocktail from the bar and go font-spotting in the museum’s collection before the games start. Come along for a fun and interactive evening created for everybody, not just type geeks.  

Friday 12th November
6.30 to 9pm
£10/£12, explore the museum and meet up with friends.
Book here

Main image London Transport Museum.

Top 5 spots for a typographic day out in London

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Top 5 spots for a typographic day out in London
By Sarah Hyndman

1. London Transport Museum
This museum in Covent Garden is crammed with the informative typography that we have used every day for almost a century to navigate our way around the city. The buses and signage date from the 1920s to the present day and sit side by side, enabling us to compare the lettering and how it has changed over the years.

Photo ©TfL, from the London Transport Museum collection. http://www.ltmuseum.co.uk

©Kath Tudball

2. Highgate Cemetery
The inscriptions on the gravestones in this beautiful North London cemetery give a view of London’s social history dating back to 1839, with many prominent figures buried there. The lettering to be seen ranges from ornate Victorian script to the typographic simplicity of Patrick Caulfield’s headstone (above). Tours are open to the public all year round.

Photo by Kath Tudball

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