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Sarah’s Font Quiz: a tongue-in-cheek blend of pop culture and retro gameshows

The UK’s Lockdown 3 was announced on Tuesday night. I knew immediately that I wanted to do something fun, entertaining and interactive on a regular basis—because social interaction has turned out to be the surprise and most salient star of my live Zoom events.

The result is Sarah’s Font Quiz. This is a free, weekly and rather tongue-in-cheek live Zoom quiz that draws inspiration from ’70s and ’80s gameshows. It’s suitable for all because it’s packed with pop culture references. You can join in live on Zoom or watch it on catchup on YouTube.

The first episode was turned around in just four days because I felt it was important to launch at the start of lockdown. It’s a bit rough around the edges (with some very dodgy kerning) but we had a lot of fun and I’m gathering quiz-meets-gameshow ideas for next Saturday. What’s your favourite retro gameshow?

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Online Christmas and New Year office parties

Are you looking for a refreshing virtual Christmas or New Year party for your company?

Are you fed up with Zoom quizzes and cheesy online games? Would you like a smart, fun and memorable office party that captures peoples imagination and immerses everyone in the whole experience”?

Author Sarah Hyndman creates brilliant events for company Christmas parties & New Year socials, hosted live on Zoom for participants anywhere in the world. Office party events combine booze, storytelling, humour, history, labels, non-cheesy interaction, interesting and useless facts. The G&T event includes a multi-sensory demonstration based on Sarah’s published research.

You’ll get a BYO menu of easy-to-source items so you and your team can drink along together. Events are broadcast live from the Type Tasting studio in an old Victorian chocolate factory in East London.

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Learn in lockdown & meet people around the world

As another lockdown is about to begin here in England I’ve been thinking about ways I can help at a difficult time for so many. I’m creating new Learn in lockdown workshops on Sundays starting this coming weekend (scroll down to see the dates and topics). These are interactive and fun creative sessions, which are suitable for all levels and you can join in from anywhere in the world.

I know from the conversations I have with so many of you that there’s a shared feeling of loneliness and isolation during lockdowns. In response to this, my live Zoom workshops are packed with interactivity and you’re encouraged to keep your cameras on where possible so we all feel like we’re in the same room together.

There’s an option for a small group to join me for a chat after the event. I’ve been finding that this is a wonderful opportunity to talk about the event with people from around the world and to hear how so many of our experiences are shared.

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Introduction to multisensory typography


Introduction to multisensory typography

Learn the science of designing for all the senses to make your branding more memorable

A multisensory discovery session designed to stimulate all your senses. Ideal for designers and students of all levels who want to learn more about the science of communicating more effectively by harnessing all the senses.

As featured in Design Week’s Picks of the Month

Learn how typography interacts with all your senses and how it can even alter what you experience. Sarah will talk about some of her research and you’ll take part in multisensory demonstrations.


This is not just a font, it’s also an idea, a smell, a song, a memory, a feeling, a personality, a warning, a taste…

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