Learn in lockdown & meet people around the world

As another lockdown is about to begin here in England I’ve been thinking about ways I can help at a difficult time for so many. I’m creating new Learn in lockdown workshops on Sundays starting this coming weekend (scroll down to see the dates and topics). These are interactive and fun creative sessions, which are suitable for all levels and you can join in from anywhere in the world.

I know from the conversations I have with so many of you that there’s a shared feeling of loneliness and isolation during lockdowns. In response to this, my live Zoom workshops are packed with interactivity and you’re encouraged to keep your cameras on where possible so we all feel like we’re in the same room together.

There’s an option for a small group to join me for a chat after the event. I’ve been finding that this is a wonderful opportunity to talk about the event with people from around the world and to hear how so many of our experiences are shared.

My events have a cheaper price option for those whose income has been negatively impacted by covid. I would like to add a small note about supporting small businesses and those of us who work in the arts and entertainment industries. We all need your help to ensure that our businesses and the arts are still there for all to enjoy into the future.

Visit the Type Tasting website for the full list of all my live, interactive Zoom events.

Learn in lockdown: painting with fonts

Live interactive Zoom workshops. Each is a stand-alone topic so pick the ones that interest you.

Urban letter safari
Sunday 8th November, 7pm to 8pm (GMT)
Learn about and draw fonts as you discover how their shapes originate with the sign writer’s paintbrush. Book now.

Fantastical chocolate
Sunday 15th November, 7pm to 8pm (GMT)
Learn about the writing on chocolate wrappers and design your own fantastical chocolate letters. Book now.

Sonic letters
Sunday 22nd November, 7pm to 8pm (GMT)
Listen and draw as you discover how sound can inspire an alphabet and create your own sonic alphabet. Book now.

Geometric shapes
Sunday 29th November, 7pm to 8pm (GMT)
Learn about the experimental typefaces of the Bauhaus and create your own letters out of geometric shapes. Book now.

Smelling fonts
Sunday 6th December, 7pm to 8pm (GMT)
Discover how you read with all of your senses and create your own smelly letters inspired by samples you smell in the workshop. Book now.

Shadow letters
Sunday 13th December, 7pm to 8pm (GMT)
Use light to cast alphabet-shadows and create dramatic letters that star in their own theatrical performance. Book now.

NEW: Live Christmas letter making
Draw or paint letters for your Christmas cards. Learn about decorative illuminated manuscript letters or Victorian ‘fishtail’ letters.
Just add a mince pie and mulled wine.

12.30pm to 1.30pm (GMT) or 8pm to 9pm (GMT)

Illuminated letters
Thursday December 10th Book here
Tuesday December 15th Book here
Sunday December 20th Book here

Victorian letters
Friday December 11th Book here
Friday December 18th Book here
Tuesday December 22nd Book here


Sketches shown in this post are from workshops with Sarah Hyndman. They’re by @thecreativeapes, Mina Bach, Kat Gaska, Nikin Furia, Amy Muddle, @wildingdavisandco, jenna_b_design, @nicewriting.