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The Times: Using right fonts on labels could tackle obesity

“Some believe that smaller chocolate bars and sweets are the answer, others want a tax on sugary drinks or to encourage children to be more active. One expert, however, has come up with a novel solution to child obesity.

Sarah Hyndman, a graphic designer, says that the right typefaces can “nudge” people into healthier food choices, and this should start in schools…”

The article references the food can experiment that ran at the recent book launch at Tate Modern, and at the Type Tasting event at Shoreditch House for the D&AD Fringe Festival, were you there?

‘Design’ by Martin Cahill

design detail 2

‘Design’ by Martin Cahill

“I wanted represent the whole design scene in London, from iconic figures such as Neville Brody and Vivienne Westwood to creative agencies such as Pentagram and NB Studio and to the individuals and students striving to make their mark on the London design landscape.”

qian detail 2 LR

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