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‘Design’ by Martin Cahill

design detail 2

‘Design’ by Martin Cahill

“I wanted represent the whole design scene in London, from iconic figures such as Neville Brody and Vivienne Westwood to creative agencies such as Pentagram and NB Studio and to the individuals and students striving to make their mark on the London design landscape.”

qian detail 2 LR

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‘Festival’ by Zoë Chan

festival_zoe chan ldf

‘Festival’ by Zoë Chan

“My main inspiration for ‘Festival’ is my love of vintage signage and type, especially that which typifies ‘Britishness’ and has been used in various street and building signs around London over the 19th-mid 20th Century. My passion is type in the environment / spatial type, and aside from the typefaces used being taken from signage I chose to display it as bunting; this both embodies the idea of festival and celebration and it can be hung in any environment, both inside and outside. My colours and materials used signify the excitement, eclecticism and cacophony of sights, sounds and emotions found around London.”

process 3

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