A Type Tasting birthday celebration of edible type

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We celebrated Type Tasting’s first birthday with a day of edible type on Friday 14th February. Here’s a selection of the gastronomic typography and lettering created to mark the occasion.

Above: Nathan Dye’s chocolate TYPE cake, Helen Rawlinson’s peas thawing to the occasion, Sarah Hyndman’s edible rye bread Blackletter type “delicious with hummus” and Julie Muaro’s JOY in Breakfast Light, Regular & Extra Jam.

Julie Mauro

Simon Gomes, Programme Leader / BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Doncaster College and University Centre, created FRIDAY in chilli beef flavour.

By contrast Stephen Boss of Emboss Fonts created healthy comic book lettering.

ac3Andrew Campbell found it a “great excuse to buy sweets”.

Christine BinnsChristine Binns distracted her husband (who was cooking crab linguine to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day since getting married) for long enough to turn it into a word.

theo stewart1Theo Stewart ate her words.

melted cheeseFlrProcessed cheese extra bold.

Andreja_Brulc_happy_birthday_cardAndreja Brulc sent Type Tasting birthday greetings made from fruits and spices from Mexico.

dm2 dm3 dm4Drina Murphy shared her love of pizza

photo Bgbl9LRCIAAtqCrMagdalena Gilewicz’s healthy TYPE, and Kriti Monga sent her take on petrol prices, Delhi’s brutal summer and watermelons.

sb1 sb2Stephen Boss used “a quarter of a cup of Wine in my dish, the rest of the bottle evaporated :)” to create his #wayfinding on his chicken pie.

Amy @amyswapp prawn 6 up finalLRBirthday cake by @amyswapp and Sarah Hyndman’s prawn alphabet, sans shells.

load of waffleLR

Nathan Dye’s TYPE cake recipe:
Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix, 1/4 cup of oil, 2 Eggs, 1 medium sized cup of crushed oreos poured into the cake mixture, vanilla frosting to put on top when baked, grate oreo over the top of frosting to finish. Oven bake at 350 degrees •F.

nd2 nd1

Also created to celebrate #EdibleTypeFriday:

Alice Mazzilli’s Soy Sauce & Chilli Calligraphy
Karina Monger’s ‘Happy Valentype Day’
Andreja Brulc’s ‘Love & Kisses’ eaten in 5 languages

Thank you to everybody who joined in, supported and tweeted. With special thanks to Creative Bloq, EyeDesign WeekHackney Wow, Laurence King, Monotype and Stephen Boss for spreading the word.

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