Edible calligraphy


Alice Mazzilli used soy sauce instead of ink, with a sprinkle of chilli powder to, paint edible calligraphy. And below Type Tasting’s Sarah Hyndman traced over Mike Meyer Script lettering in Dark+Milk Chocolate with Caramel Highlights.

chocolate scriptLR

am2 lr

Alice Mazzilli is a professional graphic designer and lettering addict based in London, who specialises in custom lettering and typography. Her fascination for letterforms dates back to her teenage years, getting her hands dirty with spray paint in the alluring graffiti scene. Her inspiration comes from calligraphy, old books, signs and urban art. She’s always on the lookout for new projects and collaborations. Her ultimate goal.. Perfection.

mike choc 2lr

Signpainter Mike Meyer’s script sketched out in pencil above with Hyndman’s Chocolate copy which is traced over the original onto rice paper. The Type Tasting studio is in a converted Chocolate Factory.

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