Happy Valentype Day

km7km4km3km1Graphic Designer Karina Monger created a feast of letters and served up a ‘Happy Valentype Day’ banquet for #EdibleTypeFriday to celebrate Type Tasting’s first birthday.


“To celebrate Type Tastings first birthday, we decided to head to the supermarket and raid the shelves for an array of party food that we could use to create some lovely edible typography. As this coincided with Valentines day, the thought quickly arose of turning Valentines into Valentypes day. Strawberry laces, marshmallows, doughnuts and more soon ended up being thoughtfully created into different letters. We also ended up slightly regretting eating a few too many sweets, as that old nemesis toothache decided to pay a visit! A fantastic fun way of creating typography! Happy birthday TypeTasting” Karina Monger

km2   km5 km6  km8

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