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A Type Tasting birthday celebration of edible type

nathan dye3 Helen Rawlinson BgcNtzdIQAAL2Iq.jpg-large
We celebrated Type Tasting’s first birthday with a day of edible type on Friday 14th February. Here’s a selection of the gastronomic typography and lettering created to mark the occasion.

Above: Nathan Dye’s chocolate TYPE cake, Helen Rawlinson’s peas thawing to the occasion, Sarah Hyndman’s edible rye bread Blackletter type “delicious with hummus” and Julie Muaro’s JOY in Breakfast Light, Regular & Extra Jam.

Julie Mauro

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Love & kisses to eat in 5 languages

Andreja Brulc_love_2
A delicious series of typographic cookies and sweets made by Andreja Brulc and inspired by the ‘besos’ pan dulce eaten in Mexico on Valentine’s Day. “I made ‘love and kisses in five languages: English, Spanish, Slovene, Italian and German” she explains.

Andreja Brulc_kisses

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‘Edible Type Friday’ eat letters & celebrate Type Tasting’s first birthday


Edible Type Friday on Feb 14th
To celebrate Type Tasting’s first birthday you’re invited to share your love of typography by taking edible type to work. Please photograph it before (or while) it’s being eaten.

Tweet your photos to @TypeTasting with #ILoveType
Or email them to sarah@typetasting.com and I’ll blog the photos next week.

It would also be great to see any ‘making of’ photos if you bake or create the type yourself. Cake? Jelly? Sweets from the local sweetshop? …What would a font taste like?

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