Type Safari: Dalston

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Type Safari: Dalston

Spend an evening taking a guided walk through Dalston exploring the architectural and social history of the area through the type and signage to be found along the way. You’ll also be photographing a selection of the letters to create your own Dalston phrase or saying.

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Dalston Type Safari Sunday April 14th, 6-9pm SOLD OUT
Dalston Type Safari
Sunday May 26th, 6-9pm *NEW DATE*
£12 – apply to type@withrelish.co.uk and you will be sent a PayPal link.
For all (no previous creative experience necessary)

An evening walk through Dalston exploring history through the type seen in the signage along the way, photographing the lettering from signage and the environment to make up a phrase or saying.

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Dalston is a vibrant area in which bars and shops are constantly popping up and the signage is ever changing. Many venues, along with their signage, have become Dalston landmarks such Dalston Superstor’s neon, the art deco Rio Cinema’s letters, the enigmatic Birthdays ‘B’ and the chatty cinema sign above Ruby’s Bar.

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Type safaris are led by graphic designer Sarah Hyndman who runs Type Tasting workshops. These are sessions in which participants get away from the computer to experiment with type and explore its expressive qualities.

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“The Dalston Type Safari was a lovely way to spend a Sunday night. Informative but not stuffy, fun but not dumbed down, it was a pleasure to learn a brief history of type and get more of an insight into one of London’s most interesting areas. The mix of people in the group made for a friendly, inclusive atmosphere and a very democratic way of learning. It’s great that even those who are mostly desk-bound professionally can try their hand at something creative without the fear of looking daft or not being good enough.”  Emily Gosling

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