Workshop: Kit type

kit type Simon whybray

Workshop: Kit type

Combining two simple shapes will give you the foundations to create your own unique alphabet. Take away your own type sampler at the end of the session. This is a playful, creative session which takes place without the aid of a computer.

Participants receive printouts of two different shapes, for example a circle and a square. During the session the shapes are combined to create a unique alphabet.

Bahia Dawlatly  JonPaulDowling
kit type nikin furia
kit type Simon whybray   kit type jordi bosca
kit type Tijl shneider_land

Top image: Simon Whybray. Images below: Bahia Dawlty, John Paul Dowling, Nikin Furia, Simon Whybray, Jordi Bosca, Tijl Scheider for Experimental Typography at LCC.

“It led to a more playful way of seeing type for me, and added to my already illustrative stye of typography.”
Emily Bornoff