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Letterpress by Typelark

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We had letterpress prints by Typography Emporium guest Zoë Chan of Typelark in the Type Tasting studio at the weekend. Zoë prints on a vintage Adana letterpress and experiments with print techniques such as printing in reverse to create unusual textures.
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‘Printed’ by Unite and Type

printed unite and type
‘Printed’ by Unite and Type
‘Printed’ is a collaboration between Unite & Type founder Gloria Daniel and printmaker Mary Kuper. Their piece is letterpress printed, it features large, slab serif display letters which is overprinted in a selection of body copy fonts. The repetition references the printing process and the key to the fonts on the right provides us with an interesting comparison between the different type styles.
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#LDF13 ‘Productive’ by Pat Randle

Productive Pat Randle

productive process 02

#LDF13 ‘Productive’ by Pat Randle of Nomad Letterpress

Letterpress printer Randle has chosen Caslon* to represent London, using 96-point Caslon Italic showing swash alternatives drawn by an Americam designer called T. M. Cleland in the 1930’s for (ATF) American Type Foundries. The CT ligature is printed from a laser cut letter.

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