Learn about typography: The Type Taster student discount offer

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Are you a UK design student? Prepare yourself for the new year with a discounted copy of The Type Taster and free postage (save £5). This is a book about typography from the point of view of the type consumer and takes you through the associations and science behind fonts influence you as a reader.

Buy it quickly! This edition is only available until 25th October.*
Student copies of the book will also include a selection of typography games (shown above).


You have really opened my eyes to such a brilliant subject. It’s already making me view design work from such a different view point and I have now become excited by the possibilities typefaces present while experimenting with them.” Design student Jessica Dutton

“This alongside the typography bible (Robert Bringhurst’s elements of typographic style) should become a staple in everyone’s collection.” James (Via Creative Review blog)

“This is no boring instructional tome on the correct use of ligatures, rather it takes a look at the emotional lives of fonts, and examines how their distinct personalities create (often subconscious) emotional responses.” Grafik

The book is also written in this Type Tasting style–friendly and informal, with easily relatable references. But it’s not all play. The book makes a persuasive case for changing the way we think and talk about type, turning it into a more inclusive subject that allows non-experts the confidence to express opinions.” Emma Tucker, AIGA

While The Type Taster draws on some serious research, however, it does so in a fun, informal way.” Rachael Steven, Creative Review

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*Future editions are being published by Penguin/Random House as Why Fonts Matter from February 2016.

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