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Talks and interviews

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In celebration of the official launch of Why Fonts Matter in the US today:
Playing Type Karaoke with the Nicer Tuesdays audience for It’s Nice That (12 mins)
Interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live (4 mins)
TEDx talk Wake Up and Smell the Fonts (15 mins)

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Nicer Tuesdays, the audience was the star of this talk

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I was delighted to be invited to speak at Nicer Tuesdays recently. This is 12 minutes of audience participation including Typography Karaoke (in two teams), the Price is Right and the Type Dating Game. The audience is the star of this talk, you were absolutely brilliant, thank you. “A simple, but very effective demonstration of how type design affects the way we read, the way we respond to commands and even our moods from Sarah Hyndman.” It’s Nice That.

Watch the talk.