Press & interviews

Press and interviews with Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman

— 2018 —

It’s Nice That
Type Tasting’s Sarah Hyndman predicts the typeface of 2018
8th January

— 2017 —

The Type Directors Club
Two New Books on Lettering and Type
10th December

Format Magazine
The Best New Graphic Design Books in 2017
16th October

Monocle Weekly
Radio interview
24th September

The Times
Using right fonts on labels could tackle obesity
Read online
1st May

i Newspaper
Just your type: Can the science behind the subconscious influences of different fonts be harnessed to make us think and eat differently?
Read the print version,
 read the extended online version
27th April

It’s Nice That
“Type alters what you smell” and other insights from Sarah Hyndman’s latest type-based research
20th April

Design Week
Sarah Hyndman: “It’s easy to see typography as an invisible discipline”
11th April

The Guardian
Just my type: how Cooper Black became 2017’s most fashionable font
10th April

Total Film
Type Cast. What does a film poster’s typography tell us?
June issue

Sarah Hyndman on How to Draw Type and Influence People
10th April

Sunday Brunch
Fashion and type history
9th April, 11.10am

Unknown Pleasures
5th April

The Bookseller
Type Tasting
16th March

— 2016 —

It’s Nice That
Review of the Year 2016: graphic designer Sarah Hyndman
21st December

It’s Nice That
Review of the Year 2016: Top 25 Graphic Design
Featuring Why Fonts Matter at #1
21st December

Dazed & Confused
How to start a revolution with Comic Sans
15th November

Font of knowledge
12th November

Design Week
Sarah Hyndman: “Punk was the anti-Helvetica”
25th October

Sunday Times
Fashion’s Favourite Font
11th September

New York Times
Vetements, Brioni and Kanye Agree: It’s Gothic Time
9th August

AIGA Eye on Design
How Type Can Tell the History of Your City
21st July

5th July

It’s Nice That
In Fonts You Trust?
4th July

AIGA Eye on Design
Design Diary
4th July

29th June

Conversations with thought leaders in the world of typography & design
19th May

Por qué la tipografía huele a chicle
12th May

Communication Arts
Just Your Type

Computer Arts
Taste your Type

It’s Nice That
Number 1: 2016 Spring Review, the most popular stories of the year
25th March

Nicer Tuesdays, It’s Nice That
Nicer Tuesdays speaker
15th March
talks for blog-int

Waterford Radio
5th March

Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch
Live TV interview
7th February

10 titles not to miss (feat Why Fonts Matter)
29th January

Multiple Choice
28th January

It’s Nice That
Why Fonts Matter, and how they impact your mood
26th January

The Big Issue
Look up
25th January

Creative Mornings London
Speaker ‘Eating your words’
Friday 22nd January

Why Fonts Matter?

Design Week
Top 5 design things for January
24th January

The Press and Journal
‘Why Fonts Matter’ book review
19th January

D&AD and Monotype
Typography Podcast Ep 1 
Craig Oldham and writer Sarah Hyndman join journalist Rob Alderson

— 2015 —

Penguin Platform
Christmas with a character?
24th December

Taster tape
Sarah Hyndman interviewed and filmed by Ed Andrews
17th December

Creative Bloq
Top 8 typography books of 2015
#1: The Type Taster/Why Fonts Matter by Sarah Hyndman 
16th December

AIGA Eye on Design
The World’s Most Expensive-looking Font Might Surprise You
27th October

The Bookseller
Character Study
23rd October

BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live
Radio 4 in 4 (4 minute version)
Listen to the whole show (we all chat throughout, my interview is in the last 15 minutes)
26th September
talks for blog-r4

Wired magazine
If You Love That Font So Much, Why Don’t You Date It?
24th September

Creative Review
A Taste of Type
23rd September

Alphabet Streets
2nd June

Click here to go to book reviews of The Type Taster: How Fonts Influence You by Sarah Hyndman

— 2014 —

TEDx, Bedford
Speaker ‘Wake up and smell the fonts’
Saturday 15th November

talks for blog-tedx

Nick Coffer Show, BBC Three Counties Radio
Listen from 1:37, after Elvis
4th December

Bedfordshire on Sunday
Reverting to Type
23rd November

What’s your type of lover? How fonts could help you find the perfect date
15th September

Creative Bloq
Typography dating game finds your ideal ‘type’
25th July

5 things to do at the Stokey Lit Festival
4th June

Design Week
The taste of type
16th May

— 2013 —

Type on the tongue
20 December 2013

BBC World Service ‘The Arts Hour’
21st September
Listen to the interview

BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’
14th September
Listen to the interview

Creative Review
Results are in on the future of type
13th May

Design Week
Type Safaris and ‘tactile exploration’
22nd March 2013

Typographic tours
20th March 2013

Time Out
Is this your type of walk?
9th March 2013

Typography Walks for Font Fanciers
28th February 2013


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