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Do you Judge a Wine by its Label?
Arrange a Wine & Type Tasting evening for your team and clients
By Sarah Hyndman

We will bring this innovative type and wine tasting, based on the sell-out success at the London Design Festival, to you for your team and clients. Take part in a series of activities and games that will delight and inform, in a relaxed and social setting.

What does the design of the label tell you about a product? How does this influence your expectations and even what you taste? Typography is not just visual; it conveys sound; it is tactile; it can smell of roses or coffee; and you know at a glance whether it is sour or sweet.

Learn about the science of taste and the senses; how design can influence what you drink; and ultimately whether the packaging is just there to inform you, or can it transform your experience?

The session includes results from exciting research Sarah Hyndman is currently involved in with the Crossmodal Research Laboratory, University of Oxford.


“Frankly brilliant idea of combining a type workshop with a wine tasting” It’s Nice That

“I learnt so much while having fun and enjoying delicious wines” A Glimpse of London

“Fun and informative” “Eye-opening” “Interesting and surprising” “Fascinating” “Illuminating” “A different perspective” “Typography + wine tasting = the best of both worlds” “Fantastic experience, would definitely recommend it” “Great, fun and informative”

“It was certainly an eye-opener to realise that so much of what we taste is influenced by our other senses” SEEN London

“More than an excuse for weeknight drinking, wine was a clever example of the influence of typeface … don’t worry; you don’t need to be a typography nerd” Digital Arts



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This year’s seasonal fun from Type Tasting invites recipients to play with one of the multi-sensory typography themes we’ve been experimenting with throughout the year. What smells would you think of as being quintessentially ‘Christmas’ and which typefaces would you match them with?

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Click here to read about the multi-sensory typography games we played at the V&A in September. Read more about Type Tasting from Wired and AIGA, or listen to a lively interview on Radio 4’s Saturday Live.

“Sarah converted even the most cynical to the power of the fonts around us. Clever, insightful and original. She left a lasting buzz and excitement behind her.” Charlotte Godfrey, BBC Bristol

“I was absolutely blown away with her (Sarah Hyndman’s) work. It was just awesome taking part in her experiments and listening to her talk about these really cool theories.” Daisy Moore, University of Bedfordshire

Would you like to commission a Type Tasting workshop or talk for your group or organisation? Please contact

The Type Taster by Sarah Hyndman

First edition of The Type Taster: How fonts influence you by Sarah Hyndman
Limited edition of 2,000 books
Publish date: 14th February 2015, £18

Choose from 5 limited edition covers (400 of each cover design): Baskerville, Clarendon, Didot, Gill Sans, Helvetica. Inside the book you will find the corresponding personality analysis of your cover choice.
Contains red/blue ‘font goggles’.

“This is a fun romp through the world of typography—its evolution and application in today’s visual world that will make you think and make you laugh. This hugely enjoyable book is engaging, insightful and entertaining. Highly recommended.” Caryl Jones, Communications Consultant.

“This book is great! It’s an easy read which will go down a treat with designers and enthusiasts” Geraldine Marshall, Type Talk coordinator & member of the typographic hub, BCU.

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