Christmas ‘font sniffing’ kits

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This year’s seasonal fun from Type Tasting invites recipients to play with one of the multi-sensory typography themes we’ve been experimenting with throughout the year. What smells would you think of as being quintessentially ‘Christmas’ and which typefaces would you match them with?

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Click here to read about the multi-sensory typography games we played at the V&A in September. Read more about Type Tasting from Wired and AIGA, or listen to a lively interview on Radio 4’s Saturday Live.

“Sarah converted even the most cynical to the power of the fonts around us. Clever, insightful and original. She left a lasting buzz and excitement behind her.” Charlotte Godfrey, BBC Bristol

“I was absolutely blown away with her (Sarah Hyndman’s) work. It was just awesome taking part in her experiments and listening to her talk about these really cool theories.” Daisy Moore, University of Bedfordshire

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