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Competition: Have your work featured by Design Week & win a copy of the book

Competition time. Take part in the mash-up typeface challenge for the chance to have your work showcased by Design Week and to win a copy of How to Draw Type and Influence People.

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Typeface mash ups

Mr Cromso is a designer and street artist living in Paris, France. He’s been working on a self initiated project called Mixtype which asks the question “what would happen if letters from different type families procreated?” This is similar to an idea we’ve been playing with here at Type Tasting so I challenged him to do a Mixtype combination of a Blackletter typeface + Comic Sans, two hand drawn influenced styles separated by centuries (and opinions). After pronouncing it “a totally crazy choice!” he sent over the above composition. We like how this works, what do you think? What two typefaces would you like to see combined?

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