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‘Energetic’ by James Clarke


‘Energetic’ by James Clarke

“Energetic – showing or involving great activity or vitality. I wanted the word to have a smooth flowing movement so I based it on a my own handwriting. Then to contrast this I injected a sense of erratic buzzing and energy, through using random twitches, strokes and colours to fill the in letterforms, I certainly burnt some calories making it.”

energetic james clarke

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‘Ours’ by Oli Frape

oursphoto1 oursfinalWEB

‘Ours’ by Oli Frape

Oli Frape is a hand-letterer and illustrator based in London. Hand-drawn type is the primary focus of his practice and is integral to his overall style and approach. His piece for Type Tasting is a combination of hand-drawn and painted.

NEWSFLASH: Frape will be documenting the Type Tasting workshop day live in hand-drawn lettering at the V&A on Saturday 14th September.

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#LDF13 ‘Exotic’ by Lizzie Hobbs

Exotic-Lizzie HobbsExotic-Lizzie Hobbs2

#LDF13 ‘Exotic’ by Lizzie Hobbs

Hobbs has designed the word ‘Exotic’ “to reflect some of the cultures which are thriving in London. Each letter has been designed to reflect the script from these cultural languages and then filled in with patterns—Islamic, Middle Eastern and South Asian. The piece has been drawn freehand. ‘E’, ‘O’ and ‘I’ reflect Persian, Urdu and Arabic. ‘X’, ‘T’ and ‘C’ reflect Bengali, Tamil and Hindi.”

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