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I was the guest host for the Design Museum’s #FontSunday on Twitter yesterday which was an amazing experience. I picked the Type Dating Game inspired theme of ‘Fanciable Fonts’ and you all tweeted in your photos of the typefaces you would date (or ditch), along with witty observations and a bad typographic chatup line or two. Thank you to everybody, we even trended on Twitter above Kanye for a few hours, well done!

In the poetic words of Nicole @typographHer “Which typefaces turn you on? Do you find serifs seductive? Or does sans stimulate and excite you? Which fonts do you fancy? I certainly wouldn’t kick @DaltonMaag’s King Caslon out of bed—this ampersand is pure delight! Thankfully typography polygamy is encouraged.”

Here are a few of your fanciable fonts…


CbLHe04W4AEhd-G  CbLIy7wWIAI-rc2  CbLI0EoXIAI18kC CbLM5-wW8AAGZuy

@tomjohn001″Love is all around. Robert Indiana Love Sculpture”
@deptofdev “Robert Indiana, making love (early 70s).”
@Patrick_Myles ‘Kiss’ by Alan Kitching”




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which would you date 01

Type Tasting turns three years old on Valentine’s Day, having started with an evening of ‘Typographic Swearing ‘n’ Cussing‘ back in 2013. To celebrate this I’m the guest host for the Design Museum‘s #FontSunday with a Type Dating Game inspired theme of ‘Fanciable Fonts’. Get ready to Tweet/Instagram your photos of the typefaces you would date (or ditch) from 12 noon on Sunday 14th February to @DesignMuseum with #FontSunday.

Remember, no premature tweeting, the font flirting starts at 12 noon on Sunday!

which would you date 02
Do you like your typefaces naughty or nice?

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