Which Font do you Fancy? Hosting Design Museum’s #FontSunday

which would you date 01

Type Tasting turns three years old on Valentine’s Day, having started with an evening of ‘Typographic Swearing ‘n’ Cussing‘ back in 2013. To celebrate this I’m the guest host for the Design Museum‘s #FontSunday with a Type Dating Game inspired theme of ‘Fanciable Fonts’. Get ready to Tweet/Instagram your photos of the typefaces you would date (or ditch) from 12 noon on Sunday 14th February to @DesignMuseum with #FontSunday.

Remember, no premature tweeting, the font flirting starts at 12 noon on Sunday!

which would you date 02
Do you like your typefaces naughty or nice?

We know instinctively that typefaces have different personalities, the light-hearted online Type Dating Game takes this a stage further by inviting participants to think about the personalities of different fonts and which ones they identify with. Players are invited to choose a typeface to represent themselves at a speed dating event. They then go through three stages of choosing which fonts they would date, ditch and be just friends with. Along the way they are asked why they are making some of their choices. Read what Wired wrote about the results of the game here. Play the Type Dating Game here.

which would you date 06
Do you like a font to be voluptuous or to be a rebel at heart?

which would you date 05
Is your dating type contemporary or traditional?

which would you date 08
Do you go for tall, dark and handsome or flirty exhibitionist?

Tweet/Instagram your photos of typefaces you would date (or ditch) from 12 noon on Sunday 14th February to @DesignMuseum with #FontSunday.