Take home tasting notes, spot prizes and type specimens

What's Your Type?

What’s Your Type?

The one-hour workshops taking place on Wednesday 21st September for the London Design Festival are fun and intensive sessions in which you will explore typefaces and what they communicate independently of the words they spell out. You will create your own tasting notes to take home along with a certificate, and we are delighted to have spot prize tickets to the Museum of Brands and type specimens from type foundry Fontsmith.

Museum of Brands tickets

What's Your Type?   mob3
We are all type consumers and letterforms are woven into the rituals of our lives through the packaging on the products that we use every day. At the time we may pay little attention as the logos and product names are so familiar that we reach for them almost unconsciously. Take a trip to a supermarket and, instead of shopping, look at the packaging as if it is on show in a design museum.

The Museum of Brands in West London contains a time tunnel that documents the history of packaging, revealing the trends and fashions in type decade by decade for over a century.

What's Your Type?
What's Your Type?
The Museum of Brands has kindly given us tickets to the museum to give away as spot prizes during the workshop, visiting the museum is a great way to explore the type we consume every day.

Fontsmith type specimens
At the opposite end of the process is the designer, who must be aware both of the nonverbal information being communicated by the typeface, and the intricacies of skilful typesetting.

‘Typography in 10 Minutes’ by Matthew Butterick explains the fundamentals of good typography.

London based type foundry Fontsmith create fonts for licensing and design bespoke typefaces for brands. You can read about the design process on their blog and a comprehensive type terminology chart is available here.

What's Your Type?

Type specimen sheets showcase a new typeface release—explaining its history and design features, along with many of the glyphs that often remain hidden since they don’t feature on a keyboard. We have a selection of printed Fontsmith type specimens for you to look at, and you can take one home at the end of the session.

What's Your Type?
What's Your Type?

Tasting notes
During the workshop you will explore how your choice of typeface combines with the words to convey additional meaning. For example, are some typefaces associated with cheaper and more expensive products? Which type styles suggest an activity might be easier or harder to do? Can the choice of typeface convey that an article is better researched?

In the workshop you will take part in experiments that answer these questions. You will compare your answers to the results of Type Tasting surveys. You will create your own set of tasting notes that you can refer to in future to enable you to choose type with confidence.

What's Your Type?

What's Your Type?

What's Your Type?

Create your own tasting notes

What's Your Type?

The workshop will take place in a stunning room at Bedales in the heart of Borough Market, a corner of London past. Downstairs they serve small seasonal plates, with ingredients entirely sourced from Borough Market and a menu that changes daily. We highly recommend staying for a meal or a glass of wine after the workshop.

LEARN an easy 3-step process for choosing a typeface.
FIND OUT why different fonts are suitable for different occasions.
UNDERSTAND how a font can look cheap, expensive, calm, angry or even alter your experiences.
CREATE your own ‘tasting notes’ to refer to when choosing fonts.

This workshop is ideal for students, designers who would like a fun refresher, startup businesses, and the typographically curious.

Read more about the workshop here

What’s Your Type?
Intensive 1-hour workshops
Bedales Borough Market
Bankside Design District
Weds 21st Sept
Start times: 12pm, 2pm, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm
BOOK NOW £15 (booking is essential)
Please note, access to the workshop is via a spiral staircase.

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Download the programme of Type Tasting events at the London Design Festival.

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