What’s Your Type? Learn about typography at the London Design Festival


What’s Your Type?
Learn how to choose fonts with confidence in an intensive and fun one-hour workshop. Take part in experiments as you create your own set of tasting notes based on latest research results. Become part of the discovery process as we prove that a typeface can transform the meaning of your words—that it’s not just what you say it’s the way that you say it.

LEARN a proven process for choosing a typeface.
FIND OUT why different fonts are suitable for different occasions.
UNDERSTAND how a font can look cheap, expensive, calm, angry or even alter your experiences.
CREATE your own ‘tasting notes’ to refer to when choosing fonts.
• TAKE HOME tasting notes, certificate, spot prizes and a type sampler.

Wednesday 21st September.
12pm (sold out), 2pm (sold out), 5pm (sold out), 7pm (sold out), 9pm.
Bedales, Bankside Design District, London Design Festival 2016.

Workshops are led by Why Fonts Matter author and Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman who is involved in extensive research quantifying how we respond to different typefaces.

“Type Tasting surveys have given the graphic design community comprehensive information to use as hard evidence” Communication Arts magazine.

Whats Your Type? workshops

What's Your Type?

This workshop is ideal for students, designers who would like a refresher based on research, startups branding their business, and the typographically curious.

“Clever, insightful and original, left a lasting buzz and excitement behind!” Charlotte Godfrey, BBC Bristol

“Sarah’s talk was a game-changer” Lily C, at TYPO San Francisco

Create your own tasting notes

Take part in the research
During the workshop you will explore how your choice of typeface combines with the words to convey additional meaning. Are some typefaces associated with cheaper and more expensive products? Which type styles suggest an activity might be easier or harder to do? Can the choice of typeface convey that an article is better researched?

In the workshop you will take part in experiments that answer these questions. You will compare your answers to the results of Type Tasting surveys.

Throughout the workshop you will create your own set of tasting notes that you can refer to in future to enable you to choose type with confidence.

What's Your Type?

We are all type consumers and letterforms are woven into the rituals of our lives through the packaging on the products that we use every day. At the time we may pay little attention as the logos and product names are so familiar that we reach for them almost unconsciously. A trip to the Museum of Brands reveals the trends and fashions in type on packaging decade by decade.

At the opposite end of the process is the designer, who must be aware both of the nonverbal information being communicated by the typeface, and the intricacies of skilful typesetting.

Type foundry Fontsmith have created a comprehensive type terminology chart, click here to download it. At the end of the workshop take home a Fontsmith type specimen along with your tasting notes.

What's Your Type?

Whats Your Type? workshops

Whats Your Type? workshops Whats Your Type? workshops

Read more case studies.

Get in touch with sarah(a)typetasting.com to organise a Type Tasting for your company.

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