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The Type Taster: How Fonts Influence You by Sarah Hyndman has become a self-publishing success story. It was published in February 2015 to great reviews and has now been picked up by Penguin/Random House who will publish the next edition early in 2016. This is a book about why fonts matter written for type consumers—all of us—which brings the appreciation of fonts to a wider audience.

The self-published edition has exclusive features and is now only available for a limited time. It includes a pair of ‘font goggles’ (3D glasses), which you can use to reveal the ‘secret’ messages communicated by fonts.

This limited edition comes in five cover options: each features a different font and you can read your personality analysis based on your cover choice. With only 400 of each cover the two most popular are selling out fast.

Exclusive: buy the book in Bedford

The book is not usually available in shops, but we are excited to announce that you can buy a copy from the Animal Gallery, Bedford during The Art of Type exhibition. This is the town Sarah grew up in and she will be signing books and answering any questions you wish to throw at her about fonts at the opening party on Saturday 11th July between 7-8pm.

The Art of Type exhibition
11th July to 1st August
Book signing 7-8pm Saturday 11th July
Animal Gallery, 24 Castle Lane, Bedford MK40 3US

The book continues to be available here on the Type Tasting website.

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You are invited to the book signing from 7-8pm at the opening party on Saturday 11th July.

“A great read, fun and informative!” Anja Wohlstrom, ICON Magazine

“I never thought a book on Typography would make me laugh so much.” Caryl Jones

“While The Type Taster draws on some serious research, however, it does so in a fun, informal way.” Rachael Steven, Creative Review

“This is no boring instructional tome on the correct use of ligatures, rather it takes a look at the emotional lives of fonts, and examines how their distinct personalities create (often subconscious) emotional responses.” Grafik

“This alongside the typography bible (Robert Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style) should become a staple in everyones collection.” James (via Creative Review blog)

“Brilliant! Full of delights on each page. I love how you have engaged the reader throughout.” Nicole Phillips, Typograph.her

“Sarah’s approach has encouraged a very democratic, fun new way of looking at type. Emily Gosling, It’s Nice That

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Sarah is also running a ‘Shape of Type’ workshop at the gallery on Sunday 12th July, click here to find out more.