Multi-sensory Tastings for Stokey Lit Fest

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The Stoke Newington Literary Festival is an exciting event which celebrates this area in Hackney, London’s radical and literary history. I’m delighted that this is the second year Type Tasting will be involved. Join me for a ‘Taster’ in the studio where I will invite you to play some classic Type Tasting games.

Type Tasting ‘Taster’
Have you ever wondered what a font might smell like? Which font would you pair with each type of chocolate? What does your choice of font says about your personality?

Join one of the UK’s most innovative type experts Sarah Hyndman of experiential type studio Type Tasting to explore a series of multi-sensory games with type, have your say in the font personality census, find out which typefaces you would date, ditch or be ‘just good friends’ with and at the end you’ll receive a Font Fortune goody bag.

“Walking into the Type Tasting studio was like walking into a mad scientist’s lab” Robert Boick

“As bizarre as it sounds, my job is to match up the bottles and fonts using only my sense of smell.” Jake Wallis Simons, CNN (click to read)

“You’ll never look at fonts in the same way again.” Hannah Stewart

Duration: 30 minutes, starting at 15 minute intervals
Booking is essential, limited to 10 people per 15 minutes

Click on your preferred date and time to book a place:
Saturday Jun 06 at 4.15pm
Saturday Jun 06 at 4.30pm
Saturday Jun 06 at 4.45pm
Sunday Jun 07 at 4.15pm
Sunday Jun 07 at 4.30pm
Sunday Jun 07 at 4.45pm

Sarah Hyndman is the author of ‘The Type Taster: How Fonts Influence You’

Take the ‘What type is your coffee?’survey:
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Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 21.52.18  button-dating1
Sarah talking about her jellybean experiment at Letterform Live for Grafik, click on the image above to play the Type Dating Game.

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